in search of roleplay partners/friends (fl/kik).


the title says it all— i’ve endured my fair share of roleplays in twenty seventeen and would like to begin this year anew, hence the advertisement.

my faceclaims are generally bts members, but on occasion, i tend to switch it up. i’ve no preference as to who you choose to be, but as far as romantic affiliations go, i can only do m/m relationships, though i’m not entirely opposed to an m/f one? i’ve just no experience with girls whatsoever. 

down below are a few basics in case you’d like to be informed ahead of time:
• timezone is minus five; however, i do have a job and education to tend to, so expect sporadic to quick replies (it all depends on what the day holds for me).
• can write in script/para/novella, second and third pov (replies will inevitably delayed regardless, as aforementioned in the previous bulletpoint). would appreciate it if you were at least semiliterate.
• it often takes time for me to warm up to people nowadays, considering the previous year’s outcome, but i mean well. please, try to be understanding if i seem to dissociate on occasion, it’s habitual.
• i will not tolerate facechasers during any situation whatsoever, so spare yourself the embarrassment if all you’re piqued by is the fact that i’m another person who roleplays bts.
• i will always put in the effort to give descriptive replies to the best of my abilities if we’re roleplaying, but i’m absolutely open to simply casually chatting, as well.

the only platforms i am willing to roleplay on would be either kik, or freelance twitter (i mean an actual fl, not one of those ‘original character’ oriented accounts). now, i am nowhere near opposed to being friends both out of character and in, though i’ve immense expectations for anyone who’d like to be something more than just ‘a roleplay partner’— to keep the barrier between ic and ooc, fully intact. so, if you’ve made it this far and are still intrigued, go ahead and shoot me a message on this account with either your username on fl, or kik id. thank you for taking the time to scroll through this unnecessarily verbose wall of text, happy new year. 


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