I put down the duffle bag while breathing heavily and wiping the sweat from my forehead with my sleeve.

Walking the stairs up and down when I moved my stuff was exhausting.

If I could, I would have asked if someone else could help me and use the elevator, but there was no one coming to mind when I asked myself who.

This job went from a dream job to allot worse in very little time.

I take a deep breath, I must stay positive it is not that bad. It’s probably just a cute apartment.

At least a hundred question ring in my head.

‘Living in the same building you work in is not That. Baaadd…’ I start a convo with myself.

Something I always do when I’m alone.

I search in my pocket for the piece of paper with the password. I know I'm going to lose it soon or later so I make a note to myself to write it onto something.

‘I mean it may be a little smaller than I’m used to, but changes are bound to happen….’

I'm not that much of a big city girl, and I never thought I would ever live in Seoul, but when they said the contract included an apartment in the city, I didn't even hesitate. But they never said I was going to have to move again from the absolutely beautiful apartment a few blocks away from the company to some kind of apartment thing in the building itself

If they did, I would have reconsidered and probably just still live with my mother and tack the bus or something.

I grunt and fight the urge to whine. That said it was because almost all the staff temporary stays at the building in times of comebacks, but I call bull.

That man is lying his off because he doesn't want to spend the money to give me an appropriate apartment.

With every thought I have, I work myself up more and get more irritated every second.

'It was on my damn contract!' I don't talk to anyone in particular. Maybe I'm just saying what I wished I said to the new manager.

I resist the urge to kick the door and take a deep breath again.

‘Ren? What are you doing here?’

I turn my head in the direction of the voice, and to my surprise it’s Xiumin.

I’ve only worked here for a week, but because I see the members every day to talk about the clothes, we've grown much closer.

I had asked almost the second day if they could stop talking to me formally because they're all older, and it sounded weird. 

Sehun started calling me Ren and everyone kind of took that over. I’m glad though, it sounds a lot less awkward.

I bow and greet, before quickly wiping my forehead again so no sweat still glistens on my forehead.

I can see he just came back from dance practice, judging from the sports clothes and water bottle.

He proceeds to walk my way and he slightly tilts his head to the side. 'Do you need to drop something off?'

I shake my head. 'No, why would I?' I ask surprised.

'well-' He takes halt at an identical door next to mine. 'We live here.' He points to the door.

'Huh?' I look at the door in front of me again. I stare for a second before I sheepishly smile at him and pointing at my door. 'I guess where neighbours then.'

He looks puzzled for a moment before nodding. 'Ahh, you staying here because of the comeback?'

'The manager wasn't lying?' I quickly cover my mouth in the realisation of saying that. 

To my surprise, he starts laughing. 'No, our manager sometimes crashes there, in busy times. Like the comeback.'

'Oh...' I nod. Maybe I was too harsh on him after all. 

Xiumin's eyes trail down to the boxes standing on the ground. 'You need help?' 

I politely decline. 'You must be tired from dancing.' 

He shrugs 'It's not that difficult for me to carry them. I can carry them in in less than 5 minutes.'

I contemplate it while biting my lip. 'Well If you could help it would be nice' It comes out more like a question than a statement but Xiumin already picked up a box.

I quickly type in the password to reveal my new home. 

When I open the door I can't help but gasp. 'OMO!' I cover my mouth with awe. 

The small apartment, or more like a  room, was more of a storage. Not even more like a storage, it is a storage. 
A storage with a bunk bed stuffed in the corner. 

'What?' I whisper. 

Even Xiumin with still the box in his arm looks surprised. 'It wasn't like this before' He says while looking around. 

Black shelves and cupboards stood against the wall and boxes were everywhere. Some even piled up so high they surpass my height. Some furniture and what looks like decor was thrown in there to. It didn't even look like a storage but more like a long-lost attic where people just throw there in to let it gather dust. 

A single window almost completely invisible because of the stuff piled in front of it, is what looks like the only source of light.

'How am I supposed to live here?' For as far as I could see, besides a small strip of free floor from the door to the bunk bed there was no possible way of even placing the few stuff I have. 

'Well, you can't live here. It was never made for that in the first place.' Xiumin turns his head my way. 'Is that what the manager told you? That you should live here?

He looks very puzzled. 

Then it hits me and my eyes widen. 'You do know you guys have a new manager, right?' 

He was in the middle of putting the box down, probably because his arms were tired, but he shots up again. 

'A new what!?' 

I'm surprised at his reaction and I take a step back. 

So he did not know. 

'Yeah I was called to the office and there was this guy claiming he was the new manager or something, I don't know he said something about not able to handle the responsibility-'


His outburst scares me a little so I take another step back. I almost trip over the randomly placed boxes but I keep my balance. 

He sits down on the on the bunk bed and puts his hands in his hair while looking down. I feel sorry for him. I have no idea how close they were, but judging from his reaction pretty close. 

'I'm sorry, I thought you knew. I shouldn't have brought it up like that-'

He suddenly jumps up from his sitting position and kicks the nearest box, while yelling.


I take another step back in surprise but I feel my back hitting the shelves. They are not stable at all and I can see them shake. I quickly turn around but I am too late and one the selves tumbles over. 

I yelp and I try to shield my head from the falling boxes. One of the boxes knocks me over and I fall to the ground. The clashes and banging of the boxes don't overpower the sounds of Xiumin calling for my name. 

Judging from the not stopping sound of stuff falling the one shelf that tumbled over caused for a domino effect. 

I can't really see what's happening because even though I'm on the ground I still shields my head with my arms. 

When the noize finally stops I carefully lower my arms. And look around. 

Only when a scream from Xiumin calls me down to earth I can see the cabinet dangerously balancing one side, being pushed by the tower of boxes. I have no idea what must be in those boxes but judging from the power it has too almost have knocked over that very massive looking office cabinet, rocks or something. 

Just when I think I'm safe from the massive cabinets falling over, the loud creak prooves otherwise. I see it right happen when the cabinet tumbles over right through the window. 

I quickly turn my head the other way when I hear the clattering and ringing of glass all around me.

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