I take a deep breath before I knock on the wooden door. The same glass strip and the same name tag look down on me because I am not high enough the meet them.


An unfamiliar voice.

It may be just me but I don’t recognize it. That’s not the manager's voice, is it?

I open the door and close it behind me before I turn to the desk again.

‘Hell-’ I bow but when I look up it is not the manager.

Who is that?

‘I’m sorry Sir, but who are you?’ He looks up at me from his paperwork. The smile I got two weeks ago from the manager is nowhere, this man has irritation painted all over his face.

‘I’m Kim Sung Min, the new manager.’

I can’t help but look surprised. I shake my head because I feel like I misunderstood him.

‘I-I’m s-sorry, NEW manager? What happened to Mister Lee?’

The manager looks even more irritated like he has to explain for the hundredth time to a child where clouds are made from.

‘The old manager, Mister Lee, simply didn’t have the ability to cooperate with the responsibilities of this job.’

My eyes widen. Is that some kind of vague way of saying that he got fired? How is that even possible, he was one of the best Bosses ever.

I decide to shake it off.

It’s not like I can discuss this any further.

I take a deep breath to calm myself. I can’t help but immediately not like this guy.

‘Why did you call me Sir?’

The man leans back and makes a triangle with his hands.

‘Because I am the manager now, I decided to make some changes.’ He leans forward again.

‘Starting with you.’


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