Suho’s point of view


After showering and eating we all feel a lot better, and are ready for the meeting with our stylist.

I’m the first on to enter the Makeup room. When I look around I see a girl? Sitting on the sofa. She quickly stands up and takes out her earbuds.

We greet and bow, but when I sit down I see the surprise plastered on the other members' faces.

We all think the same.

How can she be that young?

We’ve never had any female staff member that wasn’t a Noona, but now, it wasn’t that hard to see that even Sehun was older than her.

She seemed nervous, you could see it from her body language. I come back to my senses and I  quickly nudge Lay with my elbow. We introduce ourselves the way we always do, before quickly telling our names starting with the right side of the couch.

She seems even more nervous because of that and she starts to twiddles with her hands.

‘Oh-’ she looks up like she forgot that she needed to introduce herself. ‘ I’m Lee Ren your new stylist.’ She smiles and when she does that her eyes squeeze together. It’s more of a nervously laugh though.

‘E-eh I don’t really have a presentation but I can show my ideas for your comeback’

She turns around to grab, what looks like a notepad, from the makeup table. ‘You know what was going to be the concept right?’ We all silently nod.

When she explains she stutters a little bit at first and her voice even trembles but soon enough she seems to get more comfortable. While she explains I see how interested the members are. Sehun even sits on the edge of the sofa and Xiumin leans forward.

To be honest these kinds of meetings are normally very boring. Not because it doesn’t interest us but because the company does whatever it wants and we don’t get to say anything about it.

The fact that she wants to include us in the picking of the clothing and makeup makes us all excited.

You can clearly see that even though she has no experience with presenting, she knows what she’s talking about.

‘And I don’t really know how it usually goes with a comeback for you, but I really want to include you in choosing the outfits. I feel that you can only be confident in outfits that you like. I did some research on your style and I already have some ideas.‘

I can see Baekhyun’s eyes almost twinkle. He likes fashion allot and the past comeback he almost had nothing, or anything to say about his clothing, makeup or hairstyle.

This comeback was going to be different, better, I felt it.

She continues ‘I do want to think out of the box and do a style we’ve never done before, but I want your consent with everything so-’ She looks at the members with anticipation. ‘-So, because the comeback is in less than a month I like to meet every day for at least 10 minutes to talk about the clothes.’

The last thing she said very fast like she was too scared to even say it out loud. The members all slowly nod while thinking about it.

Xiumin is the first to say something.‘We all are excited to work with you’

Those words paint a big smile on her face.

‘Well that was everything’ she turns around to gather the papers she showed us in the binder.

She bows and says goodbye when we walk out the door and we do the same.

I’m the last to exit and before I walk away I see her sit down on the couch with a sigh through the gap of the unclosed door.

‘Aigoo’ she takes a hand through her hair and falls down on the cough. ‘Why am I so nervous all the time? It is killing me!’ She’s clearly talking to herself and doesn’t notice me but I can’t help but listen.

I need to stop myself from laughing a little.

‘Cute’ Before I can stop myself I’ve already said those words. She quickly sits up and looks in the direction of the sounds, but I walk away as fast as possible.

What was I even thinking?


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