Suho's point of view

'Okay let's wrap it up, guys!' I say before sitting down on the dance floor. Every muscle in my entire body seems so protest and ache and I loudly grunt.
I gulp down all the already dusty tasting water and stretch my arm out for a towel to wipe my sweat.

The schedule is always incredible exhausting and full, but it even worse now that the comeback is coming into view. I look over to the other members and also see their exhausting expression.

I know that Kyungsoo is suffering the worst, I can almost feel his pain. The work of the comeback lays heavy on his shoulders and he feels even worse after what happened.

I shake my head and try to take another sip of my water, totally forgetting I already drank everything.
Chanyeol must have felt the same because he stands up before saying he’s going to get some drinks.

The usual laughter and joking don’t fill the room and it feels so unusually silent it’s almost awkward.

I quickly stand up, before almost tumbling over because of the ache in my limps.
‘I’m going to take a shower.’ I walk out of the door and almost immediately  I walk into the manager.
‘Suho! There you are! I’ve been looking all around for you, you know you all had to meet your new stylist over an hour ago right?’
‘!’ I slap my forehead. ‘I’m sorry Sir we totally forgot.’
The man sighs and shakes his head ‘Don’t apologise to me. apology to your stylist! She the best of the best we can’t lose her on her first day.’

I apologise again before I bow and quickly walk off to the dance room to warn the other members. No shower then.
Right before I open the door I hear Chanyeol yelling.
I turn my head around and see Chanyeol running up to me. ‘I’ve met the stylist.’ He comes to a halt. ‘You know the one we were supposed to meet over an hour ago?’

‘Yeah, I was just going to warn you guys that we need to hurry.’
He shakes his hand, still a little bit out of breath. ‘No, no she said we could meet in an hour.’

‘Oh-’ I take my hand from the door handle. ‘Well say to the members that they should freshen up-’ I already start walking to the elevator  ‘-Oh, and I have dibs on the shower, and I swear if Baekhyun tries to open the door on more time-’

I hear Chanyeol laugh as the elevator doors close.


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