After he gave me the instructions I decided I wanted to freshen up in the toilet first. I already knew where it was, because in my moment of lostness I had walked past it at least 4 times.
I feel incredibly weak after my panic attack, as well as tired. I sigh as I take my hand through my hair. My forehead is still full of cold sweat and my heart still pumps loudly.
When I turn the corner I collide into something

Or someone.

The person I walked up to was clearly running. From the impact and my legs that still don't function right, I fall on to the ground.

The person that made me fall immediately walks up to me to help me get up. I take his hand, that is rather big. Only when I look up I recognize him.

'Omo EXO Chanyeol!' Immediately after I spoke those words he seems uncomfortable. I immediately bow and apologise for introducing myself. 'Hello, I'm Lee ren your new stylist. To stop any misunderstandings again I immediately rumble in my small envelope bag to look for my employee card.
After I found it I pull it loose with a couple tucks and swing it in front of his face before hanging it on my neck with the red string it hangs from. I should have done that way earlier. I brightly smile while doing it.
‘Aahh’ He nods, it seems like he feels more comfortable after my confirmation of not being a crazy fangirl.
After what happened I promise to myself I will always wear this.
He looks like he just came from practice, sweaty and tired. Also, he seems to wear sports attire. Still, his handsomeness is overwhelming. How can you still be this handsome sweaty while wearing no makeup at all?
I call myself back to senses. I know that working with exo I have to work with 9 incredibly handsome men. I can’t be like this everytime. Stay professional.
He also seemed lost in thoughts but he quickly starts talking again ‘The schedule already said that we would be having a meeting, at-’ He checks the watch on his wrist, a Rolex (?) ‘ an hour ago’ He drops his arm down his side. ‘I’m so sorry for making you wait so long, we totally forgot time. We just came from dance practice. If you give us 10 minutes we’ll get dressed.’
‘No, no’ I shake my hands ‘No need to hurry I need some time anyway.’ I rumble through my bag again looking for my agenda with the schedule of the members.’ I quickly skip through the pages ‘till I found the right one. I slide my finger over the pages until I come by their schedule of today. ‘Er- You still have 2 hours until you should practice vocals right? I only need an hour so we can meet-’ I quickly look up at him before looking down again on the schedule again ’-in an hour?’. I glance up again. He nods ‘that would be great! I will let the members know’. I nod before bowing again. Until then.
When he leaves to gather the members, at least I think, I quickly walk to the bathroom. While doing that the elevator stares at me and I almost get chills.
‘Why do I have to be like this?’ I whisper to myself while I run my hand through my still damp hair. In the bathroom, I splash water on my face and try to wipe the sweat off my neck and back. After I feel refreshed I decide to clip my hair back with some pins to look more refreshed. I plant some lip gloss on my dry lips and when I’m satisfied I walk out of the bathroom again.
With nothing better to do I decide to already walk to the clothing room/makeup room was we will be meeting.
At first, I want to sit against the wall outside, but then I change my mind and decide to try the door first, and it opens.
They seriously have security to drag me outside with the smallest suspicion of being a sasaeng fan but they don’t even lock doors.
My mouth hangs open when I enter.
Every room I have been here was cold, blank and empty. This room was the total opposite. The walls were top to toe hanged with posters and photos.Against one side where the makeup tables with lights and all enormous cabinets filled with all the supplies in clear plastic containers. Huge makeup kits stood on the tables and random places. A white rug was on the floor and a couple loner clothing racks with little clothing stood in random places. And on top that all a huge, pink, sofa that was super over the top stood midst. Like the movers were too lazy to actually place in the right spot.
I immediately decide that this is my favourite place in this entire building.
When I see a door my eyes light up. ‘If that is the only door than that must be-’ I quickly run toward it and open it with a jerk.
I’m speechless. I knew it must be the storage of the clothes but this was beyond imagination. Clothes were everywhere. On the walls, on racks in cabinets.
I knew how storages of the big things, like theatres, worked but this was so much better than any other I’ve ever encountered.
Almost squealing I walked through the racks that were so close to each other there was almost no place to walk except for the small strip from the door.
When I skipped through the clothes I saw normal every day of some idols, but also the extravagant items that I had seen on television. After I looked through the items the realization that me this room and these things, also partly belonged to ME, exo’s new stylist.
As horrible as I felt with the bodyguard as fantastic I felt now.
After I settled down I sat down on the sofa with the enormous binder beside me.
I decided I wanted to listen to music. To get into the mood put in my earbuds to listen to Exo’s music.
I took the binder on my lap and look through the pages to prepare myself for this ‘presentation’ once more.
This was maybe my actual first day of work but I’ve already had many meetings, with the people that directed the music videos and the concept. I stayed nights up researching the members themselves so I could get to know them, and their style.
I took notes of everything including pictures. I already had my fair share of ideas and I put them all in here.
I couldn’t help but smile as I skipped through the pages, looking at all my hard work.
I almost didn’t hear the knock on the door as it opened and revealed the members.
I quickly stood up and took out my earbuds as I bowed and greeted.
They also bowed and greeted as they bowed.
The nervosity was back again as I realised I actually had to present my ideas to them. I put my binders on one of the makeup tables and turned around again.
I know I mentally prepared to be blown away by there beauty but they were so handsome I totally forgot what I was going to say.
They sat down and stared at me for a couple seconds before one of them, Suho, knew that because of my research, nudges the one beside of them. I think it was Lay.
They stood up in sync before bowing in sync and introducing themselves with their typical 1,2 WE ARE ONE, Hello we are Exo. Then they separately introduced themselves. And then Suho apologies for being late.
They don't look happy nor sad, they kind of look tired. Only one looks irritated, or even mad. I know it is Kyungsoo. I hope it is not because of me but because he is tired. Irritated or not all eyes are fixated on me.
It was kind of intimidating, but I quickly shook that off and introduced myself as there new stylist. I thought they already knew they were going to get a new stylist, they look so surprised.
I take a deep breath and start explaining what I want to do for the new concept.

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