Heart Eyes (One-shot)

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Kim Jaejoong is part-time student, full-time fanboy of TVXQ. He loves the duo but U-know Yunho owns his heart, and before coming to Japan to see his idols, the thought never even crossed his mind that he would be living every fan’s dream.


please go easy on me as i am aware i'm not anywhere near being a great writer. lol i just try and also i haven't written anything in so long. 
i am still not over seeing jaejoong for the first time just a little over a month ago so i think that inspired this a bit. ㅋㅋ

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Elrhumy #1
Chapter 1: aww so cute.. thumbs up for fanboy Jae for being so moderately collected when face to face with Uknow Yunho inviting you to chat xDd
Chapter 1: Aaaaaa....why sho short authornimmm... ???
chu-yunjae #3
Chapter 1: Did i comment on this before. Oh well if I did. cute, enjoyed it and glad you made a sequel
syafiz #4
Chapter 2: Omg, i love this so much.. I always want to read a story with storyline like this.. this is awesome.. please make this a chaptered story... :-)
Chapter 1: But jaejoong has yunho's phone number.
it is way more important than yunho's autograph ?
heaven2 18 streak #6
Chapter 1: Love it love it love it. Could you please make it longer
Chapter 1: Wait... This has to be longer, please sequel, it's so good!
Chapter 1: Aww this story is like every fangirl/fanboy's dream come true! I would give my soul and probably a kidney to meet Yunho in a café... <3
Jaejoong is such a cute little kid in this story, blossoming completely at meeting his most beloved and favorite idol. I bet I wouldn't have reacted any different from him :'D
And Yunho is a wonderful kind-hearted musician who meets a fan who is not all about a selfie and an autograph from him, but who really manages to catch his eye. I would love to know how this progresses, if they become friends or lovers <3
Thank you so much for writing this story!
Chapter 1: omo.... is it only one shot, but i want a sequel > < it's way too cute ^^
Brownsugar40 #10
Chapter 1: Please update