Chapter 1

Love you secretly
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Seulgi POV
Again, it's the morning of the same day. There has been no change when I open my eyes. The daily grind of college life never fails to greet me. I'm not going to sugarcoat it: I enjoy college immensely, but I despise my classmates. Being a Seul geek has been a common stereotype due to my large, round glasses and sloppy appearance. I am not very interested in this type of clothing. Still, I'd also prefer to spend that money toward future goals rather than on something I might not even wear. Even worse, I was the college bullies' daily punching bag, which made my time there an extremely unhappy experience. The leader is the son of a stakeholder in the college (not the owner or even the owner's son). It's not that I don't want to fight back; it's just that I don't have the strength to fight that kid, and I don't want to ruin my image as an honour student by getting into a fight.
"Seul, wake up!" Seungwan shouted from the living room. "I had to wake up," I said. "You better be quick, or you will be late for your class." Said Seungwan. Seungwan, hm. He's like a big brother to me. We are both in our twenties, yet he treats me like his dongsaeng. He takes me out into the world and turns me into a living, breathing human being. Otherwise, my future is uncertain. Since I had no other family members to turn to for guidance, I ended myself living on the street following the tragic loss of my parents. I had been sent to an orphanage but ran away after seeing a buddy's mistreatment at the owner's hands. What's more terrible is that I almost became a slave after escaping from the institution. If Seungwan hadn't come to my rescue that day, I doubt I would have become who I am now.
About my college. It's not unusual to sleep in because I only have to walk a few minutes to class. Then, after waiting for a while, I join Seung-wan in the living room for breakfast.
"Hey, Seul, I probably won't be home tonight," Seun

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Xa1jie1 #1
Chapter 27: Update plssssssss arthor.👏 THANKS
Chapter 27: I really need an update on this story but I would love it to be rewritten in its original language as some parts get a little confused
Chapter 27: Good story
Chapter 27: It's a really good story! Please don't give up on it.
forgotme #5
Chapter 27: take your time... we'll wait
Chapter 27: Don't give up. It's a good story!
Atiyejavid #7
Chapter 26: Its okay .you can do it .take your time .
Chapter 26: thank you author, take your time!!!
Chapter 26: You can do it authornim!! We'll wait for your updates ☺️
Chapter 26: It's okay author-nim <3 I'll wait with respect! :D