My Brother's Girlfriend


Hey, this my second story..


i hope you guys like it..


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Jessica fell in love with her brother's girlfriend   but she never tell them and kept herself only. 


But after her brother announced that they will getting married make her heart boiled and decided to take any plan to take her away from her brother. Even thought they are siblings, still... she want to go with her plan until she finally hers.


I will make you mine even he's are my brother. I don't want to lose you. I love you, Kim Taeyeon. I'm promise myself that, i will make you happy and never ever left you. I'm freaking love you. • "Jessica thought" as she looked over her brother who being lovey-dovey moment with the person which should be hers, Kim freaking Taeyeon. 

I hope you guys didn't mind that Taeyeon pairing with Yunho (TVXQ)

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mzlyod 25 streak #1
Chapter 6: Well.. yunho is not a bad guy... just a stupid mistake.. go taengsic u got the bless!
Chapter 6: Okay next chap rate m scene between Jess and Tae joking nice story author nim I fell in love with the plot please update soon
amboeng #3
I interest with the first chapter. But after the next chapter, you seem too rush everything. The character changed 180°. Yunho sudenly an , jessica sudenly being a gentle girl. You know, to built some emotion, you have to plot this story slower, step by step. Not straight jump in. Its strange that sudenly taeyeon have a feeling to jess, cheated in yunho in short pwriod of time
JJ22TAE #4
Chapter 6: What happened with yunho oppa?
kimNamkinh #5
Chapter 6: Wooohhh? So, taengsic can be together now?? Yayy XD
Chapter 6: please update soon
Imjessica #7
Chapter 5: Short bab but i like it
kimNamkinh #8
Chapter 5: One step closer Jessi XD
Movie91 #9
Chapter 4: Jessi, melt Taeyeon's heart.
Imjessica #10
Chapter 4: Woah i like futa Jessi