You’re The Answer

Jimin didn’t realize how the lesson passed by. He was busy making sure that he was sitting right by the window leaving as much space as possible between him and Yoongi (much to the latter’s amusement) as well as looking out of the window to prevent any kind of eye contact.

What is he doing here? Is he following me?, Jimin thought. Usually he didn't interfere with the “bad guys” as his mum had though him better. That day however he was feeling exceptionally brave and he would’ve felt guilty forever if he actually killed Hyunbin. Not that he really cared about the annoying boy but he knew Hyunbin for almost 15 years as they grew up in the same neighborhood. 

But now he was stuck sitting next to the psycho from last night. He is probably angry that he couldn't beat me up yesterday, he thought and as Jimin was imagining all the ways this Yoongi person would kill him after school, the bell rang. He moved really slowly, not trying to get any kind of attention from his “neighbor” but all the other boy did was put his arms and head on the table and close his eyes. He didn't speak or look at Jimin, which he was glad for. Jungkook would occasionally look back to see how Jimin was doing (as his hyung didn't like meeting new people) but seeing that they didn't even talk, made the younger glad. 

Two other lessons passed by like this. Jimin took notes in silence and was pretty sure that Yoongi was sleeping by now. The next bell signaled the lunch break and as Jimin was about to stand up he noticed how Yoongi was still sleeping. He wasn't sure how to pass by him as he was stuck between his desk and the desk behind him. As Jimin was contemplating about how to wake up the other person, he suddenly opened his eyes. He stared at Jimin.

Something about his expression was cold and almost mocking. If it was any other person Jimin wouldn't care at all (by now he was used to people’s stares) but Yoongi scared him. He saw what the he did to Hyunbin. How merciless and crazy he was. 

None of them broke off the eye contact until they heard a cough. Jungkook was standing there waiting for Jimin as they ate lunch together every day. Yoongi looked back and forth a few seconds, stood up and left.

“What a sunshine,” Jungkook said.

Jimin didn’t respond as he was the worst when it came to lies. He didn't want Jungkook to know about the other night. 

“Let’s go Kook! I’m hungry,” Jimin smiled dragging Jungkook towards the cafeteria. They would always sit down together. Two of them alone on at a big table as no one else sat down with them. They would talk about the same things everyday without either of them getting bored. Jungkook sneakily put his meat on Jimin’s table like he did since the day they met and Jimin (after many protests) eventually accepted the fact that he wouldn't be able to stop the younger. As they ate their lunch in silence Jimin thought back to the day they met.

Jimin didn’t have any friends at school for years. No one wanted to be friends with the weird quiet kid. He was used to being a lonely outsider until he got held back two years ago and had to repeat tenth grade. He felt his anxiety kicking in as their teacher guided him towards his new classroom and as if by fate there was another new student that day. Jeon Jungkook. He was basically everything Jimin wasn’t. While everyone avoided him like the pest the tall and handsome kid became popular instantly. They ended up sitting together as there were no other seats available and after a long year of Jungkook trying to talk to Jimin, they ended up becoming friends. Now they were seniors in high school and Jimin would thank god everyday for bringing his best friend into his life. They were inseparable and they took care of each other. 

His thoughts got interrupted by a loud a loud bang. As he looked around he saw a student sitting on the ground with food all over him. Beside him there was Yoongi who had an empty silver tray in his hand. The new student bent down, grabbed the poor boy by his collar and said something to him. As everyone talked so loudly, Jimin couldn't hear anything Yoongi said, all he could tell was that the boy on the floor sighed in relief once Yoongi dropped him and made his way out of the cafeteria. He was caught up in the whole scene until Jungkook clicked his tongue in disapproval.

“Causing trouble on the first day,” he said shaking his head.

“Yeah he seems like trouble,” Jimin agreed. He didn't want to have any kind of interaction with the new boy. 

“Another cocky . As if there weren't enough of them in this school.”

“Jeon Jungkook! No swearing,” was all Jimin said before he continued eating

“Yeah sorry hyung I forgot.” 

It was silent for a few seconds until Jungkook pulled out something from his bag.

“I got these for Jihoon,” he said as Jimin looked at the massive pile of snacks Jungkook put on the table. “His favorites,” he added softly.

“You didn't have to,” Jungkook could tell that the older was about to refuse taking them.

“I know I’m allowed to spend money on you guys. I didn’t. I swear. These were just lying around at home hyung,” Jimin didn't respond Jungkook continued.

“You said that he did well on his homework so it’s just a little reward.”

“I think that’s enough chocolate and candy to cause diabetes Kook,” Jimin laughed endearingly. “He will turn out like you and won’t be able to do anything if there’s not a prize at the end,” Jimin added while putting all the snacks in his bag.

“He’s only in first grade hyung… and I thought you liked me being competitive.”

“I don’t recall saying that.”

The boys continued teasing each other until lunch break was over.


As the next lesson started Jimin noticed that Yoongi was nowhere in sight. Either he got in trouble or he’s skipping class, he thought. He was actually glad that he wasn't there. At least he could study comfortably now without having to be careful all the time.

About half an hour passed and Jimin started regretting staying up all night the previous day. As he didn't want to sleep in math class he excused himself to go to the washroom.

You’re going to wash you face and concentrate Park Jimin, he was thinking when he heard a loud voice as he passed the principle’s room. His curiosity got the best of him and he got closer to the door and started listening.

“Well I don't care you can’t just cause trouble on your first day, Min Yoongi.” 

“I said it wasn't on purpose.” Yoongi sounded irritated but what did he expect after bullying a kid on his first day?

“You have to be careful otherwi-”

“Otherwise what?” Yoongi interrupted the principle. It was silent for a few seconds and Yoongi continued. “Mr Kim will appreciate your hard work.”

After that Jimin heard footsteps and he quickly started walking off, afraid of Yoongi catching him. He rushed to the bathroom and took a few deep breathes and washed his face until the door opened up again. Yoongi entered and started washing his hands as well. As they both reached for the paper towels their hands touched for a millisecond until Jimin pulled back as if he got burned.

His heart skipped a few beats but Yoongi seemed unfazed. He calmly dried his hands, threw the paper towels in the bin and was about to go out until he approached Jimin again. He got closer and closer until the younger was trapped between him and the wall. He looked at Jimin for a few seconds, while Jimin tried his hardest to continue breathing. 

“Next time you’re eavesdropping don't get caught kid,” was all he said before walking out.

Once Jimin got back to class he saw that his table was still empty, signaling him that Yoongi didn't go to class after their encounter in the bathroom.

How did he even notice?, Jimin thought. I’m probably his next target.

Jimin saw his fair share of bullies in his life but Yoongi was different. While other people did this kind of stuff for amusement, Yoongi looked completely emotionless. All Jimin could tell was that he was brutal and cruel. He didn't want to interact with Yoongi but somehow Jimin ended up right in between his business. He silently promised himself that he would try his hardest to stay away from Min Yoongi because he already had enough to deal with.


Jimin got off of school and was on his way home. Jungkook would always offer driving him but their houses were in the exact opposite directions so Jimin never felt comfortable with making Jungkook take that long detour. It was dark already and Jimin couldn't wait to get home. As he passed a group of guys he noticed that they were the guys Hyunbin hang out with. He started walking slower, contemplating whether to ask about him or not as he heard them talking.

“Yeah I don't think he’ll get out of the hospital for a few weeks actually.”

“That bastard got him good this time. He got away for a good week.”

“It’s his fault for messing with them. Yoongi never misses out anyone. He was probably too busy to care about Hyunbin.”

A few of them laughed until one of them noticed Jimin walking by.

“Jimin wait!” Jimin stopped right in front of the convince store the guys were hanging out at and looked at the boy questioningly.

“I heard that you took care of Hyunbin last night.”

“Yeah. How is he?”

“It could've been worse. A lot worse so thanks man you really saved his .”

“No problem,” Jimin answered awkwardly. It was his first time speaking to those guys. As he was about to walk off the other guy interrupted him.

“Just take care of you man, those bastards are unpredictable they might be after you as well.”

Jimin didn't bother answering but walked away, thinking of how Yoongi ended up being in his class literally the day after their encounter.

Once he arrived home he saw that his mum left him a note.

“Honey I had to go to work earlier, put Jihoon to bed @8! Dinner is on the table

Take care, love you” it said.

Jimin was thankful that his mum took her time to make dinner for them in between her two jobs. As he walked into the small living room he saw that his brother wasn't in fact sitting in front of their old TV like he expected him to.

Maybe he’s already sleeping, Jimin thought. His health was getting worse everyday so the young boy would sometimes sleep all day. Jimin walked into their shared bedroom but didn't see his brother. He called for him thinking he might be around the house but he wasn’t. Jimin felt his stomach drop he didn't know what to do. It felt like his whole world was crumbling down. His eyes were filling with tears as he quickly walked out in hope of finding his brother playing around with the few kids on the streets. But he wasn’t. In the next few minutes thousands of thoughts crossed his mind. He had promised to take care of his younger brother, but he failed him. He walked around their neighborhood calling his brothers name but no one responded. He made his way back home to call his mum and the police. 

Once he entered their street he heard a loud voice from behind. “HYUUNG!”

It was Jihoon’s voice. Jimin couldn't remember the last time he felt so relieved. He turned around and saw his brother running towards him. He opened up his arms and Jihoon ran right into them and they hugged silently for a moment.

“Hyung Jihoonie is sorry,” his brother said as he wiped away the tears on Jimin’s face and started crying himself. He felt incredibly guilty for worrying his hyung.

“It-It’s okay baby don’t cry,” Jimin managed to say. “What happened?” he asked. He was trying to speak calmly as he didn't want Jihoon to get upset. It wasn't good for his heart.

“I went exploring with the other kids but I couldn't find back,” Jihoon looked down guiltily. “But then this hyung found me crying and we were looking for our home.”

Only then did Jimin look away from Jihoon. Min Yoongi was standing there awkwardly a few meters  away from the brothers.

“H-Him?” Jimin couldn't believe his luck. This Yoongi seemed to pop out everywhere.

“Yes he told me not to cry, he said he would help me,” Jihoon said fondly. Yoongi still avoided eye contact and Jimin wasn't sure what was going on in his mind. Did he really do that out of kindness or was he somehow working on a sick plan to get his revenge on Jimin? The younger laughed awkwardly and muttered a small “thank you”.

“Yeah whatever. Just take care of the kid,” Yoongi said before he started walking off. Jimin was glad that their encounter didn't last long Jihoon however was waving him goodbye and shouting:

“Goodbye hyung you promised we would play together.”

Jimin was confused but all Yoongi did was raising up his hand for a few seconds while he continued walking.

Once they got home Jimin made sure to wash,dress his brother after eating dinner. Afterwards putting him to bed and giving him three goodnight kisses instead of the usual two.

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