Happy life with an Angel

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its all about rules.....this...this world...
the floor, the paintings, furnitures..money and fame.

im tired...im tired of it all...


"Master Jung...the party has begun, they are all waiting for you..."

"i'll be there in a minute...." yunho said and the butler now made his exit.

yunho look at the glass window and notice thats its too damn crowded in the garden...somehow yunho felt tired being with people whom he dont know and he felt like he cant do this anymore...

he grab his wallet and sneak past to his guards...after few minutes he was outside his mansion....

"im so sorry mother and father...but i cant live like this anymore....i dont want this life anymore....." yunho said and he took a glance to his mansion for the last time and walk away.

for the first time he was able to walk around the town him wearing only a plain shirt with coat and pants then he notice he was on the market place...he decide to walk around and check the marketplace.

yunho felt happy as he can freely walk around the town withour guards with him...when he notice a random bus pass by he manage to take a ride with no direction in mind...

after an hour the bus stop to a small town far away from his mansion...yunho stop by to a parlor and cut his hair and color it blonde.

yunho was determined to leave his life as a richman and to change even his appearance for the people not to find him anymore...

"now...where do i go...." yunho said as he examine himself looking at a mirror then he put both of his hands on his pocket and walk around...

"i need to find an apartment...and soon a job....im sure my money will be out after a week..." yunho thought of himself then he start to wonder around the town then he hear a voice...he followed the voice and was shock on what he see....

there is a man on top of a woman that is almost , yunho thought that guy was harassing the woman so he came to rescue immediately...he punch the unknown guy until it run away then he look back on the victim.

"Are you alright?" yunho said and examine the unknown woman who is currently shaking in fear and crying hard, yunho decide to hug the stranger

"its okay...your safe....no one will hurt you anymore..." yunho said as he was cooing the stranger and notice the stranger clothes is a bit torn...he then decided to remove his coat and give it to the stranger....

yunho then notice that the stranger seems to stop crying and look at him and he was shock...
what a wonderful sight....

his teary eyes, his eyes colored blue....
that...that plump lips...and..and a big doe eyes..his hair is long and in braid...did...did i found an angel?

"than..thank you..."

omg, the angel spoke..but sound like a boy?


"thank you for saving me...can i at least cook for you?"

"cook??" yunho said in surprise and he gulp gosh the stranger look so tempting and he feel his blood is boiling...but he control himself afraid that he will scare the stranger.

"i...im jaejoong...."

"jaejoong? is..is that a boys name?" yunho said and frown, be notice jaejoong look down on the floor seems disappointed..

"i...im a boy" jaejoong whisphers...

"omg....." yunho said

earlier i escape from my house, my life and i want a new life..seems my new life also involve my uality....i think i turned gay....



omg, its new year...im so stupid

haizt kai you still have 3 on going fanfics and here you are writing a new story again lol


okay im back to write a new yunjae fic in Fluffy genre again, i'll try my best for this aahhhaaha


thank you for support readers i love you all


poster will be uploaded soon mua n.n

double update for all of you weehhheehhee

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