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the journey is our destination
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˗ˏˋ ABOUT US ˎˊ˗

A warm, friendly, and inclusive roleplay environment where our adventures help cultivate irreplaceable bonds that transcend oceans.

We’re all a little lost here. Life itself is a journey and we’re all just trying to make an adventure out of it. But what exactly makes a good journey? For us, it’s discovering different places and discovering different people. A safe place for the displaced and the diaspora, BVRP provides a home for free spirits from all walks of life. It’s the kind of home that stays with you no matter how far you wander off to because it’s not just one place. Home is a group of souls who are always ready to love you, protect you, and accept you completely with open arms. We have no idea where we’re going, but all we know is that we’re going there together. Start your journey with us and Bon Voyage!

˗ˏˋ RULES ˎˊ˗

OO1. subscribe and make a wish. upvote to make your wish come true.
OO2. always always always give the newbies a warm welcome on their walls!
OO3. talk to everyone! in-groups are inevitable but please, be considerate and give others a chance to be your friend as well.
OO4. closed rp. do not add others who have not been introduced by the admins. also, ONE account per .
OO5. this is a semi-lit (but hella liiit lmao) rp. all types of literacy and all povs are welcome but, at the very least, we ask that you reply with something that can stimulate conversation.
OO6. noob bewbs have to be active at least 24 hours after they arrive. pee-w: suggest any event idea.
OO7. be active at least 4 days a week in groups AND wallposts. the admins have provided places for everyone to hangout and/or plot so please use them to your heart's content!
OO8. if you plan on disappearing (i.e. hiatus or leaving), please inform the admins. no explanation or excuse needed. a respectful "i'm leaving the rp" message to an admin will do.
OO9. if you get disabled, please pm the bonvoyageroleplay aff. do NOT comment. you have 48 hours to come back before we re-open your slot.
O10. leave ooc drama out the door. ic drama is allowed if kept to a minimum.
O11. be a decent human being! treat everyone with love & respect and without discrimination. no bashing. no racist, ist, and homophobic comments. no jokes. no triggering topics. no facechasing, no otp-chasing.
O12. all se xual orientations are welcome! yes homo! love is love! 1 week dating ban. 1 month marriage ban. moving couples allowed but must inform admins.
O13. no mpreg or lespreg but yes pregnancy before or after marriage is allowed so use a , kids.
O14. character changes are unlimited BUT you have to be active with your current faceclaim for at least a week. tcc lasts for 3 days.
O15. E N J O Y T H E R I D E ! ! !

˗ˏˋ HOW TO JOIN ˎˊ˗

OO1. subscribe!!!1one1!
OO2. read the ABOUT & the RULES.
OO3. check the masterlist to see if your desired faceclaim is available.
OO4. comment below with the format provided.
OO5. wait for an admin to confirm your request.
OO6. create your fb account. make sure to put your faceclaim's initials as your alternate name (e.g. kim taeyeon = kty). for moving in couples, please update your relationship status before joining.
OO7. pm your link to the bonvoyageroleplay aff within 48 hours.
OO8. AFTER the admins have added you, change your privacy settings to friends only.
OO9. introduce yourself in the cracktown express group!!!
O10. be active, make friends, and have fun!


ー name
ー group
ー timezone
ー se.xual orientation
ー group: yes/no (18+ ooc & ic ONLY)
ー password
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❊ 01/10/18 ー ❝rewinding time...❞
❊ 01/12/18 ー ❝open & accepting❞

˗ˏˋ NOOB ˎˊ˗

noob Welcome to all the latest hitchhikers! We've been living without knowing each other. But with a "hi," now it's you and me. It's "us" now.



In this house, we strive for a positive environment where we support and cheer each other on instead of bringing people down. Thus, we highlight and acknowledge the different treasured members who make this roleplay a unique and better place. Hopefully, through this small gesture, they will remember that they are appreciated and loved. Thank you for becoming the flower in the most beautiful moment in life. ♡

˗ˏˋ GROUPS ˎˊ˗

❊ airport: arrivals ー arrivals + announcements
❊ airport: departures ー self-explanatory
❊ secret treehouse ー confessions (+ anons)
❊ wanderland ー outside group/plotting group
❊ cracktown express ー intros, spazz, weird & random , MEMES
❊ outskirts ー ooc group
❊ swinger club ー optional, 18+ ONLY (both ooc & ic)




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baeyano #1
Chapter 1: Tzuyu
Gmt +5.30
A group event where the members of the group have to act out a certain plot line, which they may choose themselves or have it chosen for them instead.
event where we are paired in twos, doesn't matter what gender is the partner. Each pair will do missions, who complete each mission first will get closer to winning some prize for the end.
the whole point of the game though is just for everyone to make a new good friend!
daniel_lee #3
Game of thrones themed event
Chapter 1: Taehyung. (V)
Harry Potter-themed event.