UNCLEAR // Taka 'One Ok Rock'

When the weekend was over and it was already Monday morning and dad had gone to work early, Takeru-kun just waved goodbye before reaching to his friends down the street.
I was home alone and school started in about 15 minutes. I had to take the bus which I had to reach. Packed my lunch and I brushed my skirt and took my bag and headed out the door. 
I plugged in my earphones and put on some soothing music. 
Today's weather was windy, yet warm and the sakura trees that was resting on the sidewalk was swaying gently in the wind. However, there was a sakura tree at the end of the street that I had a special feeling with. It was taller and looked much more fuller than the others. It had brighter petals and more petals too. I stopped by the tree and picked up my phone. 
I quick snapped a photo of the tree as it was in action with the wind where some of its petals were dragged off, and followed the wind's route.

"Ah, new girl." 
A person tapped on my shoulder and I my heels and no other than Taka stood with his hands in his pockets.
I plugged out one earplug.
"You walk this route too.." he scratched the back of his head and looked at me.
I gave him a nod and put my phone back in my pocket.
He was unusually quiet and he seemed off? I didn't fully know him, but he was still in my class and there were times he wouldn't shut up and then there were times like this, quiet and gloomy.
Before I could think of something to break the silence, I saw a lean girl with long silky black hair that was curled in the ends going up to his side and intertwined her arm with him. 
"There you were, babe." 
I felt very uncomfortable, standing here like an idiot. She fixed her eyes at me and I swore she raised her eyebrows as if she wondered why I was standing there, and I wondered too. I gave them both an awkward bow before plugging in my earplugs again and I then took off. I didn't start to run, but I started walking fast so I could avoid more awkwardness.
She was pretty, though. Like, really pretty.
When I had gotten on the bus, they both were sitting a few seats in front of me and I could hear her giggling and he seemed to have a good time, too. I don't know why, but I couldn't take my eyes off them.. off him. My eyes automatically fixed on him. 
I shook my head sternly and whispered to myself.
"Stop it, he's an idiot."
The person who sat beside me glanced before he went back to his newspaper.
The school bell rang when I just entered the gate. I rushed to my class and luckily the teacher hadn't arrived yet, so I was safe.
I glanced out the window which where I could see the hallway and between students rushing to classes, there was black haired Taka hand in hand with the girl who I saw this morning. She was smiling and it looked like they had an interesting conversation before they stood outside the classroom's door. This girl pouted her lips and looked down. Taka gracefully put his finger under her chin and lifted her head where he leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss. The girl had her arms around him. She gave him another kiss before she let go and waved happily and then made her way.
I sighed and looked the other way. It must be great.. to be in a relationship. 
His smile turned to a frown when he opened the door and stepped in.
He didn't greet anyone and went straight to his spot and sat down. He laid his head on his desk, facing me. I rested my chin in my palm and couldn't help to look on his facials. 
That's when I noticed how he had 2 tiny birthmarks on his right cheek.
Too creepy? I agree.
His eyes were closed and I assumed he was relaxed. He must've fallen asleep with how I saw him breathing calmly.
The way he looked peaceful made me feel relaxed too, and it kind of annoyed me. 
He's good looking when he doesn't shoot his death stares everywhere. 
My eyes closed as 'Let me out' by Jonghyun started to play. 
* (Rest well, Jonghyun 🌹) *

The lesson ended and I headed straight over to Riko's classroom for lunch. I had made myself rice and egg this morning and I knew it wasn't enough for the whole day, but I'll live. 
As I skipped towards the classroom door, the door opened and I immediately stopped myself from running into the person.
Gachapin." I noted.
Toru smirked slightly.
"Hi." He said and he made his way past me and down the hall. I looked at him disappearing around the corner before I stepped inside the classroom.
"Riko, you didn't tell me Toru was in your class."
I sat down across from her and she pulled up her lunchbox before answering,
"He didn't, I gave him Ryota's earphones that I lent."
I gave her a nod. 
The lunch ended pretty quickly and I looked at my schedule and it looked like we had free time.
"See you after school?" Riko waved and I nodded and waved back.
Since I got a whole hour of free time I decided to maybe explore the school more and went to class to get my earphones.
I had plugged them in and I was on my way.
I remember back at my old school, there was a door that went to the roof and I assumed this school had one, too.
This school was huge so I guess I will take the whole hour to even find the door, but as soon as I turned right from the hall, there was a door that had a sign for stairs and then it stood "ROOF" under.
I opened the door and I was faced with stairs that went straight up to another door.
I stepped up the stairs and when I grabbed the door handle I thought the door was close but when I pushed the door, it was opened.
I guess they approved.
The roof was huge and I thought the second I walked towards the edge, I found my secret place. My escape place.
I had jumped on the edge and my feet were hanging as I was laying on the ground, looking at the sky which was covered in white clouds that were empty with rain. I tried to imagine what the clouds looked like and what I've figured out was that one of them looked like a man with a big nose and the other one was a disfigured panda.
I breathed out as I closed my eyes. It got windy, but it was refreshing. My eyes stayed close as I turned up the volume.
                  •Bonus Taka's POV •
After listening to Ryota and Tomoya's battle of who had the driest joke, I told them I was going to the restroom, but instead, I wandered off towards the roof. My only place to be left alone.
I yawned as I walked slowly up the stairs. Since Haruna came back from England, I've had no time alone, since she was always by my side and I appreciated it, but I needed some time alone.
When I looked up, the door to the roof was already in a gap and my eyes lowered.
No one ever goes here. People know this is my place.
When I opened the door, I immediately noticed the new girl laying on the ground with her feet hanging over the edge, swaying them slightly.
I sighed and walked over to her.

                    • back to Aoi's POV•
As I was minding my business, a shadow sneaked over me and I opened my eyes as I looked a familiar shadow, hovering over me.
I quickly sat up and pulled out my earphones.
There he was. Standing there with his hands in his pockets, giving me a cold stare.

"New girl," he called out and I raised one eyebrow.
"Hm? Me?"
He immediately rolled his eyes and sighed before saying,
"Yes, you are the only one who cares to step on this roof." 
"I don't think I understand what you're saying."
He rolled his eyes once more.
Damn dude, roll your eyes one more time and they might get stuck.
"This is my place. Go." 
Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. My whole intention was to be alone and now he's here to break the peace. 
Aoi, tell him.

"I don't care if this is your place. You can go and find another place to be and stop bothering me!"

I sounded ridiculously childish... great.
Taka tried to hold in his chuckle, but he couldn't stop it.

"New girl knows how to use her voice." 

"Shut up." I barked and he didn't even bother to react and walked over the other side of the roof.
It was placed a bench there and I didn't even saw it but now.

"Suit yourself." 
He laid down the bench and was staring up at the sky, sighing. 
I was often curious if this was just how he was. So serious and moody all the time or something had happened and I happened to meet him at the wrong time. 
Riko told me he was kind when you got to know him, but I doubt it, to be honest.
I stopped up and brushed the dirt from my uniform. 

"I'm going." 
"Don't bother." 
the words stopped me from opening the door and I turned around and looked at him. 
"You're not disturbing or anything." he had rested his arms under his head and he had rolled up his shirt, showing off his tattoos.

"I see.." I muttered and sat back down, hanging my legs out from the edge and put my earphones in.

Taka turned his head and saw me laying down on the ground again and closed my eyes.
He turned around again and did the same thing. Closed his eyes.

It felt like only 5 minutes, but the free time had already ended and I had drifted off in my daydream bubble. I was drifting to sleep before Taka nudged me lightly with his foot to try to wake me up and he succeeded.

"The class starts now." he started.

That's cute, he woke me up so I won't be late too.

I smiled kindly and stood up before saying,

"Thanks for waking m-" 

"The door is locked, idiot." he blankly said.

I looked at him dumbfounded.


He walked over to the door and shook the door, but it won't open.

"Did you kick the stone that made the door have a gap so we won't get stuck on this roof?!"

My eyes widened as the sudden realization of that maybe I did. I didn't know it was that important!

I looked down so I avoided his death stare.

"You're truly an idiot, aren't you." he groaned.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know."

He sighed once more before pulling out his phone.

". It's dead." he looked at me before his face lit up.

"Don't you have a phone, call Riko!" he walked over to me and I nodded and pulled out my phone, but to only realize, I haven't her number.

Taka noticed my expression and the color of his face drained just walked over to the bench and sat down.

"Let's just wait until someone has gym class and they might hear us from the roof if we call them."

I nodded.

I walked over the fence and looked at the school's ground. There was no one outside. I tried to find just one person who can hear us so I didn't have to be here with him. It was awkward enough.
No one said anything and I walked back and forth while looking down if I saw someone, and this was happening for about 15 minutes before Taka broke the silence.

"Get some break and come here." he patted the seat beside him. I hesitated at first, but gave in and sat down.

"I was trying to see if there were anyone who I could get their attention," I explained and he nodded.

"Understood," he said as he looked over the city.

"You're a transfer student, right?" he asked and I nodded.

He replied with a nod and it got quiet again.


I looked at him stupidly.

"What do you mean?"

He cleared his throat and still had his eyes focused on the city.

"Why don't you finish these two years there?"
"Nothing special just wanted to transfer."  I lied.
Taka didn't believe my lie but seem to just go for it.
He changed the topic and asked, 
"Did you like the band I recommended?"
Without even thinking I blurted out,
"Why do you think I bought it?"
Taka looked dumbfounded at me at first before he shrugged.

"I thought you wanted good taste," he joked and I rolled my eyes.
"I have good taste. Don't judge me for one band."
He held his hands up for defense and said,
"You got me, I apologize."
We both let out a chuckle. I looked over at him who had turned his look at the city.

"Am I that handsome you can't take your eyes off me?" 
I quickly looked anywhere else and he couldn't help but laugh a little at my quick reaction.

"I'm joking, almost." 
I rolled my eyes at him.

"Since I was wrong about you being a fan, why not make you a fan." he looked at me and when I made eye contact with him, he winked. 


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onionroot #1
Chapter 14: Really like this story. The style of writing is refreshing unlike most fics on this site and the language is pretty good except for a few errors. And most importantly, it seems that Taka and Toru always appear in front of the main character Aoi at the right moments, which is pretty good for the readers!
jxstbreathe #2
just about to start this but just wanna say im so excited. fighting author nim