UNCLEAR // Taka 'One Ok Rock'

We had gotten back from the trip yesterday and Dad and Takeru-kun wouldn't stop asking me questions.
Luckily, I had the photos Riko and I took saved on the phone and let them look so they would stop interrogate me.
After listening to them talking about how nice that village looked, Takeru-kun and dad suddenly went quiet and I looked up from my book where they both stared at me, smiling as if they knew something was up.
I raised one eyebrow before asking them why they both were giving me a look and that's when Takeru-kun turned the phone around and showed me a picture,

My eyes widened and I wanted to explain, but I had nothing. The only reaction they got from me was a shout filled with embarrassment.
I grabbed my phone from them. Takeru-kun just shook his head before laughing, getting my reaction correct, while my father didn't understand what it was all about.
I looked back at my phone and at the photo.
It was a misunderstanding and accidental shot, taken by me.So the photo was taken the last day.

Riko and I had woken up from a power nap. Okay, Riko took a power nap while I was trying to read two or three pages of the book before she had woken up. 
She didn't wake up on her own, however, her phone rang and after declining the calls like 5 times she groaned loudly and answered with a devilish tone in her voice. 
It happened to be Ryota who called and told us to be ready in 20 minutes and meet him and the others down in the lobby. 
She stumbled to the bathroom and I closed my book. Riko told me they were already waiting in the lobby and I could go first, but I told her I was willing to wait for her. The truth is, I don't wanna go down and sit in an awkward silence while Ryota attempted to have a small talk with me and act as if it wasn't odd at all.
When Riko was finished, we went down where we found them sitting on the couch with their phones up and laughing at stupid videos. I glanced at Taka who was laughing with them. The way his eyes sparkled and how big his smile was. I've never seen him that happy before. 
Toru, on the other hand, smiled and let out a chuckle here and there. 
I glanced around and saw other girl students, giving us glares when we walked toward them

Toru noticed us, waved at us and greeted. Tomoya stood up and went over to us and told us to let's go out for dinner. Riko's tummy started to cry for food and mine too. 

We went on our way to the restaurant. Luckily, it was only right around the corner so we didn't walk far. 
I ordered onigiri. The guys didn't stop talking. I kept quiet and watched Riko arguing with Tomoya about something that had to do with drums. Riko happened to play drums as well and that's how these two bonded, but never stopped arguing about facts and techniques and other stuff. It was amazing to see someone so passionate about something. I took a big bite of the onigiri. As soon as I swallowed I took another big bite.
"You sure like onigiri." I looked beside me and saw Toru looking at me. His eyes went from my eyes and to my lips. 
"ah, you got something..." he pointed at the corner of my mouth. I quickly wiped the corner of my mouth but he just chuckled.

"You dragged it to your cheek." he then leaned in and plucked the rice corn from my cheek. My face heated up and I pulled my face away, feeling I was too close.
"Thanks." I turned around and I could hear him say 'no problem'. 

Taka, who sat across from me had seen the whole moment and tsk'ed a little before taking a bite of his food. 
Riko who sat beside me on the other side tapped me on my shoulder and told me to take a picture of all of us. I gave Toru the phone since he was sitting on the end and he quickly got everyone's attention and snapped a picture. 

Tomoya started to joke about how he didn't look good in the picture and tried to make Toru take a new one, but he only gave the phone back to me, ignoring him completely.
I looked at the picture together with Riko and she complimented all of us. I wanted to go out of the camera but missed the button and ended up switching to front camera. The camera pointed right on Taka, who was listening to Ryota talking. Without thinking, I quickly snapped a picture in that moment. 
That's when I realized what I did and quickly got off the phone, pretending nothing happened. 

"I didn't take it, Riko did." I lied and dad seemed to buy it, but Takeru-kun looked at me with the same look hinting he wasn't gonna believe it.
I hit him lightly on the arm and told him to stop thinking whatever he was thinking. 
It's not like I liked him. I just accidentally happened to take a picture of him. I was supposed to delete it afterward, but I guess I forgot. The hit on his arm didn't stop him from glaring so I just avoided his look and continued to read my book. 

Riko and I had plans since we didn't have to attend school the last 2 days that were left before the weekend, but something came up. I decided to walk downtown since I heard there was a festival not far from home. I put on a nice dress and some makeup and I was good to go. 
I grabbed my bag and waved goodbye dad and Takeru-kun. It wasn't far, therefore I didn't have to take the bus, so I walked instead. I could hear music getting louder. When I turned around a corner I was immediately faced with a lot of people who either had dressed up with kimono or yukata. Some even walked around in their own clothes.

The festival was indeed popular, seeing all the people who showed up. 
Kids ran around with candy in their hands while parents laughing, watching them and tell them to not run far, couples holding hands, friends hanging out in groups and people on their phones who tried to contact their friend or family. 
I avoided plugging in my earphones and enjoy the live music so I went towards the sound. When I had walked in the crowded area for awhile before I finally found the stage. I  walked up to the audience and tried to get myself closer to the stage. 
After apologizing to people I bumped into, I finally got closer and no tall person stood in front of me. Perfect.
The song ended and the elderly man bowed before the audience applauded. 

"Let's get closer so I can get to see him!" I heard a high pitched voice say and I looked to the side and saw someone who looked extremely familiar. I couldn't see her face since she had her back towards me, but she sounded and looked familiar. But as soon as she turned around, I immediately understood who she was. 
Haruna Yagi. 
She and her friends snuck between people in order to get up front and they succeeded.
They were only 2 feet away from me and I tried to not look at her, not wanting her to recognize me. 
A man wearing suit came onto the stage with a microphone in his hand and cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. 
"Now, the night is still young so why not let a warm welcome to ONE OK ROCK!" he shouted and people went off. They all jumped, screamed and I promised I saw a girl almost pass out. 
There they were. Ryota, Toru, Tomoya, and Taka walked on the stage. Tomoya sat down with his drums and shot winks at girls who only screamed louder. Ryota had his typical grin plastered on his face, looking happy as ever. Toru went straight to his guitar but kept a genuine smile on. He sure looked happy. 
Taka went to his microphone stand, putting the mic on the stand. The microphone was taped with red tape and I assumed it was his work. He had a serious look on his face, but when he looked up he shot everyone a big smile and leaned in his microphone and said,

"Let's make some noise!" he shouted and the whole audience screamed. 
At that moment, Toru and Ryota started to play. I already loved it.
Taka's eyes looked up but still had his head tilted towards the mic, his lips parted and then he started,
"What do you want from me? just let me breathe a little
  What do you want to see? me ni 
mieru mono?" 
Tomoya started to play after those words 
And I could see Taka get more energizing. 
His body started to follow the rhythm but still kept it cool.
The song built itself up to the chorus when he plugged the mic off the stand and took a breath in before he screamed,

"Hey liar! hey liar!
What do you think of living without me?
Hey liar! hey liar!
Nani ga
uso de dore ga shinjitsu

The audience went off and I've never seen this side of him. It looked like he was using the song to take relieve his inner burden and instead of using something else, he used his voice and words.
I watched his eyes scanned the whole audience, probably looking for his girlfriend. I saw his eyes stopped at Haruna and I then looked over to see her smiling proudly of seeing her boyfriend being amazing on the stage. 
When the verse went on again his now husky voice screamed and the people once again went wild. 
His eyes then wandered and they fell right on me. I looked at him taken back by surprise and he seemed to be a little surprised himself. He probably won't expect to see me here of all people.
His closed his eyes and he sang the last chorus.
The song ended and people cheered and applauded. They kept on playing other songs and after an hour of playing, they would be back after a 30-minute break. 

I looked at the time and got surprised at how long I had been here. The time had gone passed fast but because of their talent, it was worth every minute. I decided to go home so I had time to study for the big test in English and Japanese History. I turned around and when I had gotten myself out from the crowd, a hand grabbed my wrist and I was forced to turn around. 
Haruna and her friends stood there, looking upset. 
"Why are you here?" she asked rudely, folding her arms before she snickered and continued by adding,
"Aren't you suppose to be in bed by now?" he followers laughed.
It hurt but I tried to avoid the pain by being ignorant back. I bowed politely and said coldly,

"I'll get going, now, excuse me." 
But I guess she wasn't satisfied with it and grabbed my shoulder when I started to walk and forced me around again saying,

"I'm not done yet." 
she stepped up close and since she was taller than me, she leaned down and spat out words,

"Don't ever talk to him again, busu (ugly)," 
My eyes started to tear up, but quickly wiped them away, but as soon as I was about to defend myself, I heard Toru interrupting.

"Oii." he went up to me and I knew right away he heard everything.
He shot me a worried look before giving Haruna and her girls a glare before saying blankly,

"3 against 1 is unfair, isn't it Haruna?" 
Haruna's lips parted in shock as she backed away, but as soon as she tried to say something, Toru interrupted by saying harshly,

"Go or I will inform Taka of what just happened." 
Haruna looked worried before she said to her friends that they should go. 

Thank god he got here, or I wouldn't know what would happen next...

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whitewall_facing #1
Chapter 14: Really like this story. The style of writing is refreshing unlike most fics on this site and the language is pretty good except for a few errors. And most importantly, it seems that Taka and Toru always appear in front of the main character Aoi at the right moments, which is pretty good for the readers!
jxstbreathe #2
just about to start this but just wanna say im so excited. fighting author nim