Lord of Obsidian


There are six gemstones that create the world: obsidian, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, ruby, and moonstone.

They call it the Gems of Creation. Some people are born with one of those gems embodied in them, making them possess some sort of power. There are also others born with other gems. The purpose of their power are fully up to them. And so, rise a tyrant, a man with obsidian gem. He reigned for over ten years since his early 20s, when he single-handedly crushed the Council and made everyone bow down to him. Now, he's slaughtering every gem carrier, be it Gems of Creation or not, because of his fear of getting overthrown.

Sora has always been different. It's only later on she learns that she's one of the Gems of Creation. But she has no business in the whole saving the world thing. She only wants to survive and at the same time give a better living for Sehun. She works very hard, spending her days and nights working for the House of Raiders. Until one day there comes a job that basically forces her to meddle in the mess.


hello! It's been long, hasn't it? Haha, hope I can ACTUALLY finish a story.

I just deleted my previous story. There I said that I'm writing that along with another one. This it that another one. I figured it's better to focus on this one and actually finish it than doing two at the same time (although that one is more of a light-reading material).

 This story is inspired a lot by Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (SUPER RECOMMENDED). This story is set in a fantasy world. I actually didn't write this for aff so the name of places aren't Korean (it's fantasy world names). I only change the character names, haha. I hope you guys will enjoy this story!

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hiii, hope u enjoy this story!

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why did I not see this earlier
Mintleaa #2
Chapter 6: Sora please be save gurlll;))
ikran12 #3
Chapter 6: Andididooverndnd I love this story keep going authornii
Can't wait to start reading this <3
sojongined01 #5
First subscriber! I am so looking forward to this story! The plot looks so good already!