Universe Special Gift

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[Book 1 of The EVE series]

"You were the girl hiding behind books and I was the boy with his head in the clouds. Now, the papers know your name and my head has since long reached the galaxy."


EXO-L, ordinary inexperienced teenager who has quite unique tastes, meets EXO, perfect combination of looks, talent and charisma. The rest became history... Or so you thought.

[A story inspired by 2017 EXO Winter Albums, Universe and Winter Special Gift. The French version of the story will be soon made available on wattpad.]


Chapter order:

01. Can You Feel Me

02. Christmas Love

03. Fall

04. Gift To XBack

05. Lights Out

06. Universe (Chinese version)

07. Been Through

08. Universe (Korean version)

09. Goodbye Christmas (Chinese version)

10. Goodbye Christmas (English version)

11. Stay

12. Goodnight

Our fate lies
in the hands
of the things we love
and sometimes
the things we love
are the things
that lead us
to the fatal destruction
of ourselves.

-R.M Drake, Black Butterfly

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Syira_Suho 1 points #1
Chapter 14: Such an amazing story *wipe tears*
amona9 1 points #2
Chapter 14: OMG !! i just finally have time to read it and it's really amazing huhuhuh !! Thanks for the beautiful works ily !! i may not be your first reader but i'll make sure to read whatever you write !! fighting bb you are doing great i'll always cheer for you !!!
150 streak 1 points #3
Chapter 14: Can you imagine how to life without them? Because I still refuse to think of it...
I don't want to let go even when I know someday I have to...
This makes me emotional :'