looking for a roleplay partner on kkt or line! (◕ᴗ◕✿)


hi there, i am looking for someone to roleplay with longterm. i can do yuri or straight just let me know! i can do lovey dovey and all but just to be clear, i would like to do as well.

- my faceclaims: jisoo, irene, taeyeon, joy, jennie, yein, mijoo, chengxiao, bona, or sana.

as to your faceclaim, i don't mind who.

if you are interested, message me in the following platforms:

kakaotalk: lovemedarling

line: honeybuns



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lumiprint #1
are you still interested in finding someone?
I’m interested, I have both kkt and line. Which would you prefer?
Hi, I'm interested but I only use kik :(