I don't mind, sweetheart.



She takes a step back, trying to avoid who's in front of her. Not because she's scared of him, but because she was not in the mood to talk or even see him. 

But somehow, the boy she was avoiding arranged himself so that he's standing in front of her. He was standing close, so close, even too close. he leans forward, placing his lips right beside her right ear and say,

"I don't even mind being away from everyone around me. You can take my time, sweetheart."


I'm giving a hugeeee thanks to one of my best friend who isn't a kpop fan but she does give me a slight but bright idea for this story. Guess what, the description main idea was from her brilliant head. It wasn't pure her idea, after all, she get's the idea from a song that I wouldn't be able to tell you guys, pstt it's a top secret for the both of us tho! 

Anyways. thank you so so so much for giving me a chance to write a story. Yes, it is my first time writing a fanfic, before I wasn't even able to keep on going the whole story from the scratch until the end. So wish me luck! Once again, huge thank you from me for all of you who read my fanfics. 

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