Honey, I'm home

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College student Kang Seulgi expected to go to school and have a typical day per usual. Only, people are constantly congratulating her on having a gorgeous girlfriend named Bae Irene. It's news to one Kang Seulgi though as she doesn't have a girlfriend, nor does she actually know anyone named Bae Irene. She definitely wasn't expecting some drop dead gorgeous chick calling her honey either. Seulgi x Irene. Seulrene


Hi, readers so this will eventually be a fic. I'm just posting this idea now so I don't lose it, look forward to a cute/funny/humorous/somewhat drama angsty seulrene fic. With Seulgi trying to find out why she has some girlfriend named "Irene" whom she has never heard of apparently. Sound fun to me ^^

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