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january 1st, 2018
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+ about
the new year is here & what better way to start off a new year than joining a new community and hanging out with us! our new years resolution is to create an environment that one could call home so won't you join us and help us fulfill that resolution, love? we'll be waiting, waiting to greet you with "welcome home" and a big ol' bear hug.
+ guidelines
to test everyone on how committed they are, reach a tweet count of 70 tweets within 24 hours. if failed to do so, it will result to an automatic kickout. being inactive for more than 48 hours will also lead to a kickout. however, you can mention base to rejoin.
things such as face chasing, otp chasing, selective replies, and forming cliques tend to happen, though it’s deeply frowned on. please remember to respect everyone, attempt to make new friends, and greet others. it only takes a few seconds to send a mention.
the timeline is unrated but , racial slurs, triggering / sensitive topics and derogatory terms are prohibited. we would like to provide a safe environment for everyone. also refrain from the overuse of memes. a song that starts with the first letter of your faceclaim's name.
〉( temporary ) character changes are unlimited. tccs last for 24 hours or until they are officially reserved. to be fair, another chance at cc-ing will be taken place 2 days after the previous change.
getting to know your partner before dating is a must right? so the dating ban lasts for three days after arrival and both parties much have over 300 tweets. of course, move-in couples are exempt from this rule. inform base of relationships, hiatus, leaving, or any inquiries through dm.
always keep occ in brackets and separate it from ic. don’t bring ooc or fl drama into the roleplay. if there’s a problem, be mature enough to solve it quietly.
+ how to join
〉 subscribing to the thread is a must and upvotes are highly appreciated.
check out the masterlist for an available faceclaim. having troubles picking one? look at the wishlist.
when reserving, comment with a desired faceclaim along with the password and timezone. allowed to reserve for two other friends. deleting a comment will cancel the reservation.
once the application has been approved, prepare an account within 24 hours and set the user as error(fc) or (fc)error, which ever way is preferred. please refrain from using initials, numbers, and underscores.
follow base (@glitchedhq), all of its followings, & events (@glitchedlq) before mentioning for verification. if not verified in 10 minutes, interactions are allowed.
〉 last but not least, have fun. what's the point of a roleplay without enjoying the experience.
+ masterlist
complete. taken. reserved.
aoa. seolhyun.
astro. eunwoo. sanha.
bts. jeongguk. jimin. taehyung. hoseok. yoongi. namjoon.
blackpink. jennie. jisoo.
dreamcatcher. jiu.
evol. jucy.
exo. jongin. sehun. chanyeol.
gfriend. sinb.
jbj. hyunbin. kenta. longguo.
knk. seungjun.
loona. sooyoung. jiwoo. yerim. heejin. hyunjin. haseul. jinsoul. jungeun. yeojin.
momoland. yeonwoo. nancy.
monstax. hoseok. minhyuk.
nct. sicheng. jaehyun.
onf. seungjun.
pentagon. yuto.
pristin. eunwoo.
redvelvet. sooyoung. joohyun.
sf9. chanhee. seokwoo. youngkyun. inseong.
straykids. hyunjin. chris. felix. changbin. jisung.
seventeen. mingyu. hansol. jihoon. wonwoo. jeonghan. junhui.
the boyz.
twice. jihyo. nayeon. tzuyu. sana.
wannaone. daniel. seongwoo. jinyoung. jihoon.
wjsn. yeoreum. jiyeon. juyeon.
actress. sohye.
soloist. jieun. suzy. dean. sunmi.
trainees. seonho. sohye.
+ wishlist
jeongguk wishes for bts. victon. weki meki's yoojung. im's hangyul. newkidd's hansol.
joy wishes for bts' jhope.
sicheng wishes for ikon's bobby. christian yu. dean.
daniel wishes for wanna one. jbj.
chaeyeon wishes for twice esp momo & tzuyu. exo. dia members. wanna one. ioi.
hyunbin wishes for jbj. ikon. gfriend. ohmygirl. blackpink. twice.
eunwoo wishes for complete theboyz. complete astro. psy.
chris wishes for jyp.
chani wishes for complete sf9. pentagon. straykids.
+ couples
mingyu x wonwoo since 080517.
hyunbin x sicheng since 010718.
name x name since date.
name x name since date.
layout coded by glitch. please do not steal or replicate.
Walk Into The New Year With Us. 2018년 1월 1일, 1PM KST.


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im reserving weki meki's doyeon for a friend too!
+ 8
dont go by exo
exo's baekhyun
baby by justin bieber oppa (heart eyes)
asifitsyourlast #3
blackpink's lisa
lets go party - 2ne1
obtxrixnt #4
soloist sunmi, please.
+ 1, scared to be lonely by martin garrix and dua lipa.
yvessence #5
wjsn’s juyeon.
-5 / dalshabet’s joker
pramodavana #6
| commenting again because i changed my mind—

loona's yeojin, please.
gmt 0.
yellow by coldplay.
bIushing #8
twice’s sana, please.
minus five.
+ lip & hip by hyuna.
momoland's Nancy.
-5 / never by pd101...
loona's jungeun please.
janus by boyfriend.