The Devil & An Angel


Seulgi, the daughter of Jessica and Yuri who are the great and powerful devil. And she got everything from both features which make she's one of the beautiful devil. except that she's different. She make the whole kind of devil thought she come from Angel legacy. Because she can't do bad thing. And then she met Irene. An angel daughter of taeyon and tiffany the leader of Angel, and she know she fall for her.  but the war between the devil and angel  make things between seulgi and irene worst.


    “hi , I’m seulgi. I come to help this boy do bad thing” seulgi said with bright smile towards the beautiful creature in front of her now. “why are you telling me this? Why did you even introduce yourself?” that beautiful creature which she know she’s an angel ask. “ well, I just want to. Because we might stuck together after this. What is your name?” seulgi ask. “uhm.. I shouldn’t talk to you” the angel said. “but it’s not nice like that. You’re an angel right? You should be nice, we should be friend” seulgi said. the angel turn around and look seulgi. “I’m irene. But we aren’t suppose to be friends seulgi. We’re enemy. We against each other” irene said. “you’re beautiful irene. I would not against you” seulgi smile brightly.

i don't know what is this.. ( > _ < ) sorry for any mistake!

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Snowylau 11 streak #1
Chapter 23: Ahh it’s so dramatic but I love it!! Thank you for this!! I was viewing your other works as I came back from the mysterious girl
Snowylau 11 streak #2
Chapter 21: AHHHH THIS IS SO WOW. It’s similar to the kdrama goblin where goblin and goblin’s bride cannot be together and “rules of the universe” is like an almighty in the kdrama ahhhh thank you for this. It’s intersting
seulgisseulgiya #3
Chapter 23: Thank goodness for happiness
70 streak #4
Chapter 23: Happy ending for all of them..I am happy. Thanks for yours amazing love story authornim ^^
Casti1004 #5
Chapter 23: Aww a happy ending! I loved it :)
Samayra #6
Chapter 23: Happy ending !!!! Loved it .
Mochi_2122 #7
Chapter 23: Yeayyy a happy endinggg<3<3 kang's and kim's family are the cutest family everrr hahaha

Finally you can rest your mind and your fingers author-nim.. ehh waitt.. you still have another ff to write hahaha~ by the wayy thanks for writing this ff for us^-^ many many love for you<3<3 hwaitinggg!
31 streak #8
Chapter 23: Shed a tear...finally happy ending..
Thank authornim
93 streak #9
Chapter 23: Finally!! My SeulRene
jasonds 17 streak #10
Chapter 23: nice and beautifull ending
everybody is happy
thank u for sharing this awesome story with us author nim
u re the best