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Minju's parents own a boarding house that houses 5 crazy teenage males. Living together is hectic and people can get on each other's nerves; but in the midst of all this, could love blossom?


One day my dad opened up a boarding house. One by one, strangers entered and became like family to us. But we had to remember that they could be no more than passing friends or acquaintances because, after all, our life together was only temporary.  



The Boarders:


A bit of a jerk, but manageable. He can be sweet when he wants to be. Has been living in the boarding house for 3 years.



Pretends to be cool. An inner dork. Lives in the basement with Lay.



Cool. Loves his guitar. Has a thing for older women. Can be sassy if taunted.


Sensitive. Very cute. But has a fiery quality about him.



Witty. Intelligent. Charming. More conniving than he lets on. Roommates with Tao



Luhan's friend since elementary school. An elegant individual with a sweet temperament. Is it a facade?


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Chapter 2: Aww how cute!! Super excited for the next chapter?
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I'm looking forward to reading the story huhu:) The plot seems interesting and fresh, I'm excited~
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This seems interesting :)