Submission (ON HOLD) (RE-EDITING)

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Yoongi wants to go back.

Jimin wants him to stay.

And Yoongi is slowly falling to everything he says.


Title: Submission

Pairings: YoonMin

Concept: Demon-Angel AU

Notes: reverse characters. expect most members would be their opposite irl

Plot: Yoongi doesn't even give a damn anymore. Jimin was right. He's more than right.  Hell isn't the one being corrupted, it's Heaven itself. No, Yoongi's not going back. He is Jimin's home.



this is a demon-au fic and i was inspired to write it! it has been a long time since i've written chaptered stories so i told myself to try and write one again (and to make sure i actually finish it)

i hope you guys would be able to like this story. pls subscribe, comment and vote if you happen to like it !! ^^

WARNING: this story isn't created to bash any religion, specifically Roman-Catholic and Christian. this fic is purely fictional although there are some parts where i have to base it on the things i read on the internet. so please don't take this story way too seriously and just enjoy reading :)




Quixotic Review Shop. Overall, I did enjoyed it. It was educational in the religious aspect, not too much that you stepped any any toes (I felt). I also enjoyed the integreation of each BTS member and I hope to see more of Taehyung and Seokjin. I wann aknow each of their backstories (At least a little). I also can't wait to see what happens with Jimin and Yoongi. Will Yoongi turn into a demon? Will Jimin lose Yoongi to his Angelic brothers? Will there be a battle? I can't wait! So many questions! :D Please please continue! Happy writing! baekies. (01/28/18)



I've submitted this story as an entry to the Dreadful in Red BTS Demon AU Writing Contest!! It's my first time doing this and honestly, I'm enjoying writing this because I love demon au fics AHAHAHA I hope I can win though but even if I won't, it's still great to experience joining a contest :)
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thank you so much Jelly Bubble Graphics for this wonderful poster !! it was really beyond my expectations and it has a cool yet dark vibe. i especially loved how the eyes are made. just perfect!!
if you guys have stories and wanted to have a poster, send your request to them! just click the banner above c: (eVEN THE BANNER LOOKS SO DARK AND COOL)

the story would be re-edited which means there might be some plot changes and new chapters added in between some of the chapters. it migh take a long time since there would be A LOT of changes so i hope you would be patient with me. i am sorry for the advance wait :(

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11 streak #1
Chapter 7: whaaaa i've been waiting for this..

jimin making his own move..
Chapter 6: "the" Min Yoongi, who fought his father... Interesting... Can't wait to read more!
Chapter 5: Yayy~ It's Jimin Time!!! >.< Can't wait to read more, awesome job!!!
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Chapter 4: whaaaaaa.. can't wait for the next update..
I can't wait to see what happens and the anticipation is gonna eat me up! good luck girl! (:
11 streak #6
Chapter 8: awwww jimin is surely whipped for yoongi..

hmmmm someone is slowly falling for the other..

gosh my yoonmin heart can't take this....

it's too sweet...
11 streak #7
Chapter 8: ok.. this chapter is full of different emotions but mainly is impatience.. but damn JIMIN smiled truthfully is a much more different thing..

ghaaddddd.. the last line is so innocent and sweet..

can't wait for the update..
Chapter 8: Woahh i didn't expect the last line
Thats was soo cool bruh
Cant wait for the next update!!
I'm getting excited to read this! I'm kind of having conflicting feelings with who is my bias now! Yoongi, Jimin or Taehyung??!?! WHYY!!!