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Hey :) I hope you guys like and support my story who Jessica Jung as a men here..


:) xoxo. who did't like or support my story, it's okay :) #greatpeople


I'm sorry if I have a wrong word, I'll try my best to fix it


Jesse Jung is a son of the business men, Mr. Jung, The CEO of Jung's Corp. The Jung is the richest family in the whole country. Jesse Jung is known as a playboy and also likes to play a women's feeling. He's never serious about his relationship. Also he doesn't like the awkward girls and amused with poor women.


But it changes everything when a poor woman, who is their maid's daughter, goes into his life. Will he fall in love with her or still amused with poor women?

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Imjessica #1
Chapter 1: I like your story
Chapter 2: Please write more and update soon!!!!
Chapter 2: pleased update soon
JJ22TAE #4
Chapter 2: Update soon author
Will Jessica have feeling to taeyeon?
plvx911 #5
Chapter 2: Too short please update soon i want to know what will happen next
it seems an interesting story. i want to read the story. please update soon .