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There are only two reasons when ex-lovers can be friends. First, when they were in relationship, they never truly love each other. Or second, they still haven’t stop loving each other.


“Where’s the Mr. Fireman on the floor?” Wendy asked me immediately when she saw me entered the room.

“I thought you prefer called him TY Track? He just left,” I said as I sat beside Irene. I just escorted Taeyong to the door few minutes ago.

“I change it. I want to make a new trend. TY track is Haechan’s.” Wendy flashed a grin. “By the way Seulgi-ah, I honestly think you two are weird. I’ve never seen such friendships like that. I mean, from a childhood best friend, dating, broke up, become ‘stranger’ again, but suddenly make up and be best friend again. I don’t think I will trust my ex enough to be my best friend after we break up,” Wendy said that nonchalantly.

“Before he becomes my ex, he’s my best friend for as long as I remember my teenage life. And I don’t want to lose my best friend to such a petty incident that we decide to called… errancy” Yeah, me and Taeyong decided to call our one year period of dating in high school an errancy.

“Well, guess you two are just weird. But, why don’t you just date him again? You guys do look cute together you know”

“No, Wendy. We have come to an understanding that relationship won’t work for us”

“How so?”

Irene finally break her silence “Well, even if Seulgi thinks it will work, his and our current situation said otherwise”

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chikafishy #1
Chapter 8: Their relationship is difficult, they are ex but still can be friends is already big trouble. And now they know that they still like each other.
Hwaiting for the update author-nim ^^
whiteflower12 #2
Chapter 8: Just found this story. This is so good because it is not too childish, and their problems are so realistic! Keep it up!
chikafishy #3
Okay so this story will be my first ever Taeyong story, and Taeyong x Seulgi story too but i kind of like your idea of this story author-nim
I'll start reading then~
wingod_ #4
Chapter 8: i dont really understand seulgi right now? like that was a bit misleading and insensitive? i hope she didnt hurt taeyongs feelings...
HeRShEly #5
Chapter 7: Ilike how u alternate between their younger days and the present! Update soon authornim!
Angie007 #6
Chapter 6: Awee I love your story!!! I hope Seulgi is okay:(
NaSeung #7
Chapter 6: I’m crying... oh my god... i dont think 18/12 was gonna include. I suddenly miss him. Thank u for updating. The chapter is good as always.
Chapter 5: Jennie annoying the f out of me istg.
you can't tell a bestfriend to keep the distance from each other.....
taeyong tho ugh,
Chapter 5: no seulgi what have you done????
Chapter 3: Well i can't help but to imagine what if that white shirt is really taeyong's shirt lmaoooo