Like The Air I Breathe, I Let You In


Irene needs a muse— she needs to find a reason and passion to design again. Seulgi has been wronged once, and she needs to find it in herself to let someone else in. Or, Irene is the CEO of the fashion company, Red Velvet, and Seulgi is one of the most sought-after models at New York Fashion Week.


Hiya my dear hummingbirds! Pyre here!

This was originally meant to be released on Christmas, but my life was so busy that it just didn't happen, unfortunately. However, it has been completed, finally!

This piece was actually very much inspired by @baejuhyeoned's amazing Seulrene fmv, Chunky, although there are some easily notable changes lol

Please enjoy, and happy holidays!

~ pyrefly

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