The Red Shadows I: Prince of Darkness


The forgotten legend of the Tree of Life begins to come true when Baekhyun is kidnapped and forced to face the fact the world isn’t as simple as he thought. His rescuer, Chanyeol, turns out to be a demon slayer with angel blood, a shadowhunter.


Welcome! This story is inspired in Cassandra Clare's universe, the Shadowhunter series, but you don't need to have read the books to understand it. It's basically an urban fantasy with the nephilim (part angel / part human) as the main focus.

It's also inspired in Power, Lucky One, Monster, and other EXO videos that include their powers.

(If you're a fan though, you'll notice I even titled this in the same format Cassandra usually does, 'The amazing thingies' : Reference to a character. However, I won't try to emulate her writing.)

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Chapter 12: I think my favorite character so far is Jongdae, haha. He's so fun and reckless, and he really livens up the scenes with his weird antics. XD Chanyeol's conversation with Joy brought up so many questions and now my thoughts are in a muddle, because I think there's a link to Baekhyun being a destructive force with how he's treating Chanyeol right now, but I'm not sure how. >___< Chanyeol should probably take it slow for now, since Baekhyun might withdraw even more if he keeps trying to prod.
ielsky #2
Chapter 12: I forgit to tell you that xiuchen microwaving strawberries is epic! Hahhaha

Also, I'm not done yet but I'm laughing so hard at chanyeol..the whole world is relying on his non existent flirting ability hahahhahahha
sarcasticdevil #3
Chapter 12: I have this suspicion since that drunk baekhyun chapter. Baekhyun obviously likes chanyeol but he said its sad because it's impossible because of his mission. I think there was some mission engrailed in baekhyun since childhood and the time he spent with the demons brought that mission out and realised. So him being in the institution wasn't the part of the plan but he's sticking around to find his grandfather, disappear and destroy the nephilim. He must've been looking for taeyeon just in case she knew about him and his plan.
Baya_111 50 streak #4
Chapter 12: Ooooh I wonder what Joy meant...
And Baekhyun being in denial x) but i can understand that. I mean, poor guy was told that the monsters he sees are actually true, has the power of light and on top of that is attracted to Chanyeol... No wonder he's going to block one of those things out x) Let's hope Chanyeol will find a way to make it work out.
Also, I didn't get to comment on last chapter because I was busy but I really liked how Jongin discovered his power :D Can't wait for the others to discover their own !
Thank you for writing this
Vice-President #5
Chapter 12: What he should do? Ditch him. Hahahaha~
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Chapter 12: I think ... The Shadowhunters is quite dangerous and his statement that he's straight... Baekhyun... I don't think so...
He's in denial....he likes Chanyeol..but he don't want to be hurt.
And he have one of the most powerful force in Shadowhunters...

Chapter 12: Hmmm I think he is distancing himself since he almost lost Chanyeol because of the greater demon poison. He is still being a brat though.

"Are you telling me the faith of the nephilim rests on me filrting with someone?" made me laugh outloud. Haha
Yaone_L #8
Chapter 12: Truthfully? I was rooting for Jongdae to win the fight considering Chanyeol should be distracted by Baekhyun's presence plus his so called "fate of the world" lying on his shoulder. Or at least Jongdae to taunt Chanyeol more. Anyhow, interesting fact on how Minseok and Jongdae has a sort of arranged marrieage.
Luc4sLuke 105 streak #9
Chapter 12: Baekhyun is still in denial, he likes (or more then like) Chanyoel but he keeps pushing him away and also he seems determined to leave the institute as soon as possible. It's going to be interesting to see how their relationship develops; thank you for updating.
musicislikemagic 15 streak #10
Chapter 12: Uuugh this got more confusing for me ;__; I have a lot of theories that change from a chapter to another lool I really can’t wait for more details to be unraveled abt the story.thank u for the update ^^