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Irene Bae is the author of multiple best selling romance books. However, she has halted her writing due to her writer's block, and can't find any inspiration for two years after a devastating heartbreak. When financial struggles causes her to have to give up her luxury condo, she finds herself in a difficult situation. How will things change for the popular author?



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Chapter 11: I don't think you should stress out on how often you update. Writing on AFF is not the only thing you do, and we understand that :) do it on your own pace and we'll still be here for your updates :D
Chapter 10: Is it weird that I'm actually more interested with the game rather than the interaction between the characters
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Chapter 11: Its nice that seulgi and irene slowly becoming close
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Chapter 11: Just thought I'd point out that I enjoy your A/Ns almost as much as the fic itself ... they're comparable in length. lol

I like the slow development of Seulrene's relationship ... slow burn's my middle name. Irene's gonna have to pull some strings to get Seulgi to forget about Jisoo. lol

Thanks for the update!
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Chapter 11: Its not trashy.i love their progress.and i understand that you have your own life to dont be sorry.
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Chapter 11: It's so nice to see Seulgi and Irene getting along really well!
Chapter 11: woah were same author ssi i like rv and blackpink too , am jisoo bias but while watching bp tv Rose is really something :)
Look at YG spending money for them hehe he treat blackpink as his children hehe
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Chapter 10: Sjskaam can they kiss
lolwhatup #9
Chapter 10: lol at all jisoo’s failed attempts on “flirting” with irene
Chapter 10: Ooh i wonder whats gonna happen next!

And yes omg secret hitler HAHA the box set is so pretty? But here we play Avalon a lot more. Fun though.