All I Ever Need

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Jennie Kim, the cold student council president of Seoul University. The epitome of beauty and brains, yet the devil incarnate. Thick walls surrounds her cold heart in fear of being vulnerable. Even with that facade, if you'll look closer, you will see the warmth inside her soul. Unfortunately, Lisa, who's a player  known for breaking hearts, was trying to get in her barriers without permission because of an incident  that brought them closer. Can she stop lalisa or will she let her? After all, she's all she ever need.

Sorry for the typograhical errors and wrong grammars. Hope you liked it

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Chapter 9: Please feed us lmao
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Chapter 9: comeback!!
yulsic89 #3
Chapter 9: I miss your update, authornim :( please update soon
qiyliest #4
Updates. Please? T_T
kimonaban #5

katiemcregui #6
Chapter 9: I must tell. This is the first jenlisa fanfic that i’ve read and i really liked it from the start! I mean who wouldn’t like tsundere jennie kim? and a playful lisa lol it’s like so them in real life. Uhh you’ve written this fic really well that’s why I started to love it and read it again and again! The overflowing fluffiness of this fic never gets old, i will never get tired of reading this and waiting for an awesome update!

I can’t wait for jennie to chase after our lisa tho. She’s been through a lot and I couldn’t be able to handle another heartbreak for our lisa. I hope jennie will realize her feelings soon.
LALISAKIM 29 streak #7
Chapter 9: Update author! I’m dying for the next update huhu T^T
kimonaban #8
Please authornim update please
justnini #9
please. i beg. update. i love your story
justnini #10
dear authornim. please keep update . i beg. seriously i really looking forward for this story. i want jenlisa more scene. please.