NCT High


What if all of your favorite ships of NCT all went to the same high school? And what if they weren't idols, but just boys in their teens. Find out here.

This story will have chapters that each feature one ship at a time. This ship will be supported by the other characters of NCT of course! 

2002-2000: Freshmen
1999-1996: Juniors
1995+: Seniors

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Love the Woocas ans Johnten storyline! Please continue to update!
GoldenCloud #2
Chapter 2: ...Mark you do not just stare at a person you met..but hey, who cares its Markhyuck
Chapter 7: ahh woocas >< cant wait for more woocas
KaiKrisus #4
Chapter 7: came here for WooCas... can you give me more??? :D
30 streak #5
Chapter 8: Yesss Mageuriiii! Finally making a move <33
crimsonsword248 #6
Chapter 7: oof wow im soft
Samira_xoxo12 #7
Chapter 4: Aww the story is so cute my feels?