Office Roses

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Wheein has started a new job where she meets Byulyi, someone she never expected to see ever again. She jumps head first to find out more about this woman who saved her. However, in the office where gossip runs rampant, Wheein attempts to balance work and social life. She, amongst others, soon discover this is a lot easier said than done. 




I got the inspiration after reading Takemiya Jin's 'An Absurb Relationship'. I love all her works, so I recommend everyone to read them :D


P.S. Forgive my poor attempt at a story cover. If anyone can do a better job with the specific image, or a photo where the group is dressed smart, then please make me one OTL

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papa_ratu 1 points #1
Chapter 10: Waaaah
First I have to say, you are an incredibly and engaging writer. I absolutely love how your protray your characters and how you write.
I truly am enjoying reading this fanfic so much, it has been AWHILE since I have read something that has engaged me like this has.

I'm loving Mamamoo's comeback as well, the queens have slayed once again.

keep up the amazing job, I look forward to reading more from you
passerbyz #2
Chapter 10: Yo my heart. Sigh I just want everyone to be happy. Another great chapter :)

Yes I agree, they all look so good this comeback esp Mb :D
Chapter 10: Hi authornim, i really love this story, it’s well written, have a good plot, nice characters and well builded story. Plus i love the working environment.
Please continue and finish this story, but no pressure tho.. hopefully mamamoo’s comeback will motivate you, authornim ;)
Thanks for giving us a beautiful story.
peylsng #4
Chapter 10: What an amazing read, author-nim
Chapter 10: I seriously have a heart attack every time this is updated. This story is so good!!!
Qwertyneo #6
Chapter 10: Demmit i felt a pang in my heart... you got me :')
cjmoo_ 204 streak #7
Chapter 9: Things are going to get more complicated huh... Seems like Hyejin has feelings for Wheein. Byul has to suffer watching Yongsun and Eric together.
cjmoo_ 204 streak #8
Chapter 7: Oooh nice, I would have never thought Seulgi was the one behind the disappearance of items.
galaxystruck #9
Chapter 9: this is really heartbreaking seriouslyy T.T
moonsunlove123 #10
Chapter 9: you can feel the may have a love each other but she's not belong to you...does it hurt?? yes i'm totally hurt...