Lights, Camera, Action!


Silver Rain, the top Eunhyuk fansite and one of the oldest, has suddenly closed down. The reason? Something Hyukjae didn't expect when he heard it from the masternim himself, but is somehow glad to know.


Cross-posted to AO3.

First time posting to aff so I hope I'm doing this right!

I worked on the rough plot with Regi who got the idea from a real life story of a Johnny (NCT) fansite closing down because they were afraid they would fall too hard for Johnny and holy if that isn't cute af... I told her that would be a good Eunhae fic plot because Donghae is a photographer and we spent the night planning this whole thing out lmao

Updates will not be as fast because I'm still putting my BTOB fic as priority.

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simjang #1
Chapter 5: Oh my god this is so good!!! Like so so good!! I know it's been a long time, but I really hope we get to see what happens next! Please please please 🙏
elanalana28 #2
Chapter 5: Will you update this? I enjoyed reading this!
najinpi #3
this is soooo interesting... pls update soon.. Thanx
Chapter 5: the subtle way of saying yES AAAAAA I LOVE THWM SO MUCH
Missing this. Hope ure well!
Xjyuna #6
Chapter 5: Omg i like this fic a lot !! So exited ro read the next chapter pls don't be late !! Thanx
754 streak #7
Chapter 5: This is one of the very first fiction that I read in aff. This was even before I had an account in aff. And I really, really, really like it. I hope you can give us an update if your time allows it. Thank you so much.
Wow i just found your story and this is absolutely fantastic and this reminds me of myeunhyuk fansite :( . I'm so excited for the next update! Yay fighting
Chapter 5: At first I cried at the "it hurts so damn fcking much being in love with someone you can't have"
But then, it got cute ^^
Chapter 5: Yeaaay! Cant wait to see how Hae reacts Hyuk's post. Thanks for updating! ?