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Hello! Again I'm here with another little mini story, i was listening to a song and suddenly thought of writing a story based and inspired by Clean Bandits: feat Anne-marie and Sean-da-Paul...'ROCKABYE'

It's a story based on the experience of single mothers, full of sadness and sweetness, drama and romance.


Taeyeon: is a 19 yrs old single mother who struggles to give her child a good life, she met different suitors along the way but having bad experience with men, Taeyeon decided to give another woman a chance will she regret ever giving her a shot????

JJ: ”A woman is a delicate creation, soft hearted, caring, kind, beautiful, full of emotions that needs total care, attention and love and I'm a woman myself, i know what you feel...will you let me love you right?
Ty: Let's give it a try.


A big thank you to Sehun4's Eclipse graphics shop for the amazing poster.


What can I say as the forward? Just read, i don't have any plan ahead... I'm just going to let my fingers type what my brain tells it to, just sit back and enjoy..... Don't forget a tissue, because i might make it a tear jacking story,.. who knows...I'm sad this days*sighs*.

I really appreciate your thoughtful messages. Thank you all.
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