First love: Path towards you


Hello, it's been years since I wrote "nam-nam couple" fanfics. Oops, yes There're some fics that I couldn't finish, yet. (I don't even know how to finish it rite now, tbh, sorry..?)

Well, since this couple keep bugging me recently, blame and thanks for making such a great drama "Mad Dog" writer-nim..I'll try to make another version of my old fanfic with the same title, and perhaps editing or add on here and there, let's see what I can do since it's been a very long time for me to write again. 


TS: Path Towards You (너에게 가는 길) - Junho feat. Taecyeon 2PM



Friend: Who is he??

Hwy: Eum…I… don’t know *flat face*


Friend: Is he your bestfriend?

Hwy: Hm…I’m not really sure, we quarrel all the time *shaking head*


Friend: Ah, then Is he your enemy?

Hwy: I don’t think so, laughing,, hugging, holding hands, going somewhere together…well, we did that too *scratching head*


Friend: Oh, wow..i guess is he your boyfriend?

Hwy: Boy-friend? Eum…well he is indeed a boy, and he is a friend of mine,..eum.. if you can say it so *nod..nod*


Friend:No, I two

Hwy:Dating? With a candle light dinner or something? Oh no please, don’t! I felt like I wanna puke by imagining that! It won’t happen, absolutely! Haha… *eyes rolled*



Hwy: Oh well calm down..He is…….helper? Oh no, butler? No no!..secretary? Aigoo!.. My..BODYGUARD? *Flat face*



Main Cast:

Woo Do Hwan as himself

Ryu Hwayoung as herself

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LimePearl #1
Chapter 1: I love it..please update more
ain1999 #2
Chapter 2: When you'll update this story huhuhuuu I like them very muchhh
Chapter 2: I hope you update soon. I'm really interested in knowing what her flashback is about. ??? im so happy to find a good fic about my fav couple from mad dog. >~<