Can't Help Falling In Love

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Kim Jisoo, aka "The Playgirl" is famous on their university as she already dated almost all of her blockmates and also teachers. 

Lisa, the somewhat unknown and shy type girl who only has one friend named Chaeyoung that happened to be Jisoo's ex transferred to the university where Jisoo is studying as she was bullied on her previous school.

What will happen if this two girls met having very different attitudes? Will they be just a strangers, friends or more than that despite of her past with its friend?


"Hey chichu!! You know that transferee? They said that she's going to transfer once the classes are back and hell, they said that she's really beautiful" Jennie said. 

"You know what I don't care about her. I heard that this girl doesn't want to talk to anyone except her bestfriend. I mean, her one and only friend! I'm not sure but maybe her name is Chaeyoung, and she's gonna transfer with her here. Poor little girl, grew up having only one friend."

"Oh come on, you're so sure about Chaeyoung's name. You still remember her right?" 

"Who wouldn't? She's a ."

Finally updated! Yay!

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Can't update yet guys, so sorry :( I'm too busy with school rn because it's our clearance week. We need to compile all our requirements so I'm really having a hectic schedule. But after all of these stuffs I will make it up to you guys. Maybe I can post two chapters if I can. :) I hope you understand, thanks!
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Chapter 37: I'm exploring other fanfics like this.. Nowadays I was literally addicted with Jenlisa but when I found this story.. I was like BENG! It's time for Lisoo.
Chapter 37: That was nice.
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Chapter 37: ohh my jisoo love TT^TT hang in there~~
Chapter 36: Im crying i missed them so much TT^TT ABEOJI PLS BE OK
Chapter 35: Oh no is this gonna be a problem
Chapter 34: I hope jisoo is okay :( abeoji, get well...
Chapter 33: Omo abeoji oh no
Chapter 32: Happy Valentine's Day <3