A Little Massage Won't Do No Harm

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In which Minatozaki Sana never expected that the Massage Parlor she went to, would provide 'Great Quality Service' and ' The Best  of her life'  She never expected it to be Chou Tzuyu, One of the hottest students in JYP School For Intelligent Students and is also the Captain of the Archery Club, What would happen to them?

They both do like each other without them knowing, will things get out of hand or not? 

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yoda_16 0 points #1
Chapter 1: Where's the story??
Chapter 1: So where's the story author nim.. i can't wait ?
JIN167 #3
Chapter 1: Update
itcokey #4
Chapter 1: Update pleaseeeeeeeee TT
Distyna 13 streak #5
Chapter 1: Woooow cant wait
Chapter 1: Hahahahahahaha jihyo ????
sntttsd #7
Chapter 1: Wow the character describe is interesting already
Hope to see the update soon
Thank u
24 streak #8
Chapter 1: Plz update author nim plzz
kwonsooyeonChild #9
Chapter 1: Please update.
JIN167 #10
Update author nim