⠀⠀⠀⠀Pulp. ⠀⠀⠀ ⋮ ⠀⠀ #twoweekswithpulp ! we just did a massive clean up!! lots fcs available & we're in need of more active members to join.⠀⠀ ♡


welcome to pulp! we hope to be just as fresh and sweet as the actual thing. it'd make our day if you would join us in our endeavours to have a good time.
i. make sure to read all the rules before subscribing to the thread. ii. tl is rated pg-17, so keep the deeds off of timeline. iii. #lovewins, but be sure to not taint a minors image. iv. one account per soul. v. this is a semi-lit roleplay, memes are a thing, yeah, just don't overuse them. vi. no cliques, facechasing, otp-chasing and the kind. be sure to welcome all the newcomers. vii. act accordingly to your fc's age. viii. need a hiatus? wish to leave? just asked someone out? drop a dm by base! pw: would you say that the pulp in drinks betters the flavor, or no? move-ins are welcome. ix. no drama, please. x. be welcoming and include all those on tl into your discussions, if possible. xi. be sure to reach 45 tweets in 24 hours! inactives are cleared out after three days.
i. check our masterlist to see if your desired fc is available. ii. make your account when you're accepted into the family, you have 24 hours. iii. to reserve, comment below with your muse and the password. iv. username format is plpidol, idolplp. all in uppercase, please! initials are allowed. v. lastly, have fun!
taken reserved admin
blackpink. jennie
bts. v jhope jimin rm suga jungkook
day6. jae

exo. d.o sehun09
monsta x. i.m
red velvet. joy wendy yeri 

taehyung wishes for... you!
wendy wishes for... more people to appreciate girlgroups with.

joy wishes for... a complete red velvet, monsta x and winner.
jae wishes for... day6.
yeri wishes for... red velvet to be completed, jay park, monsta x, kard and sf9.
none atm.     

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seventeen's jeonghan, please & thank you.
and of course pulp makes everything better.
O914PM #2
exo’s sehun.
kaitlin-- #3
hello! jennie reapplying

may i reserve bp's jennie ?
ofc yas
saebyeoks #4
may i reserve monsta x's kihyun and wjsn's luda for a friend?
+ i don't think so.
monsta x hyungwon

+I think so!
may i reserve blackpink’s jisoo for my partner and lisa for me, please?
+ sometimed it does.
nitrite #9
twice's mina.
yes, it does.
dallianced #10
exo's chanyeol.