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"You want me to call you noona?"

"I mean I am older than you Taeyongie."

"Oh, I'll make sure you'll never call me that again, noona."

"What do you mea—Hmphh!"



"You still want to call me Taeyongie?"


This story was actually inspired from Seulgi and Taeyong's MAMA performance just a few weeks back. They're soooo good I'm literally choking! It's been literal years since I've written anything and hopefully I’ll complete this without too many errors (I know how annoying that can get gosh).

Hope you enjoy the story and comment because they make my day and give me so tons of motivation!

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credits to the original artist for the beautiful Seulyong illustration on the poster!

Yes! I was @ThatPerfectOne! Sorry for any confusion!

thank you @naomi_chan for the upvote!
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