Jieun's New Friend

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Jieun's Point of View

I pressed the end call on my phone and I threw my phone on my bed. I rubbed my face with my hands. This week has been so bad. First, it was lycan diversion and all the cuts and second, I failed yet another Calculus test. I studied so hard too but what I studied for wasn't even on my test!

And thirdly, I just got fired from my daycare job. It was paying me so well and I enjoyed working there even though sometimes kids like to flick their boogers at me but I was fine with that! I endured those little dirty kids!

Just because I'm an "inexperienced" high school student they decided to let me go. All I have now is the pet shelter.

I volunteer there but I sometimes walk the dogs and Mrs. Do, the owner, pays me for that. It isn't a stable job though. There is no set work schedule, she calls me in whenever.

There is no way I can pay rent without the daycare job. I need to find a new job and fast. But right now, I need to de-stress.

I open my bedroom window and look out to the empty streets and the dark sky. I was going to sleep but since I got that call, I'm too frustrated to sleep. I need to run.

I go out on runs when I'm stressed and I haven't run in a while. Like other wolves, I need to release stress too. I just don't do it at lycan diversion, I do it by running.

And I needed it. Now. I haven't run in a while and my legs were fired up. It didn't seem that cold outside too considering it was around 11:00 pm. I close the window and head to my closet to change out of my pajamas.

I carefully put on running leggings and gently slip on an old long-sleeve. My cuts were healing but I don't want to accidentally peel off the scabs or it will leave a scar.

I tie my hair into a tight ponytail and I take a swig of water. I stretch in my room and I jump up and down in excitement.

Run now, take care of problems later. Just run. I slip my key into a little special holding place in my leggings before exiting my apartment. I jog down my apartment's three flight of stairs as a warm-up.

"No thoughts. No overthinking. Just run," I mutter to myself. I start my normal jog around my neighborhood, remembering to avoid dark alleys or sketchy areas.

My mind goes blank and I just keep on running, focusing on nothing but going forward. My breathing evens out and I keep jogging for another twenty minutes, non-stop.

When my mind goes blank, it's easy to run for a long time. No distracting thoughts. Just me and my legs, running- "Oof!" I groaned as I turned the corner and run straight into someone.

I head-butted someone's chest and I see him almost fall backward. I instinctively grab his arm before he falls on his . "Woah, there. Thanks," he fixed his stance and looked up to me. His eyes widened and boy, did his big eyes look really familiar.

"Jieun," he said almost immediately upon seeing me. My hilt tilted to the side and I stared at him a bit more and breathed, "K-Kangin? Kwangsun???"

"Kyungsoo," he corrected with a smile.

I rubbed the back of my head, still panting, "Sorry."

"It's alright. What are you doing out so late? It's dangerous," he asked worriedly. I collected myself and calm my breathing, "Just running, I was a bit stressed. What are you doing out?"

He cracked a big smile and raised up two grocery bags, "I went to the convenience store. I got a bit hungry. Want some? It'll help your stress."

His smile was so genuine and so excited to share his snacks, I couldn't say no. It was like a little baby offering me a piece of candy and if I said no he would start crying.

"Sure," I shrugged and smiled. "Okay, cool! Let's go to the park!" he said excitedly.


Turned out that Kyungsoo bought ramen too. We ran back to the convenience store to get hot water for the ramen and slowly walked to the park with hot bowls of ramen in our hands.

"Ow ow! This was a bad idea! We should have eaten at the store!" he whined, power-walking to the cute, colored stairs near the slide.

"You're right! This bur

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