"Your 'Puss In Boots' like eye gaze seems to have captured my heart, but I like it!"
"I will let you come to me."





Literally every audiences on the bench, are amazed with the hit by the beater. 

Twenty-seven. The number of his jersey. Saerom shifts her eyes to her excited friend at the side. Sana is all excited, claps her hands when the orange coloured team scores. While she herself, is all confused with the match and decides to watch it without sound.

One thing she notices during the match is, whenever the number twenty-seven guy from the orange coloured team runs or hits, the crowd will be screaming, especially among the girls. Since the game is held by her own school, most of the audiences is the students itself.

"Do you know who that guy is?"
"He is Kang Daniel! Baseball team's captain! He looks cool, right?"
"Oh ... yeah. I don't think so, sorry."


Saerom tries to focus on the whole field, but seems like her eyes always ends up landing on the twenty-seven guy. She refuses to call him by name. They don't even know each other. 

His face is full with wrinkles, causes by the wide smile he makes. Weird, he even smiles during the match. Isn't that tiring?

Saerom shakes off her nonsense thought. The sport is actually not Saerom cup of tea but because of Sana insisted to, she can't help but to follow her to the field. The environment is noisy too, with the hotness produced by the amount of students squeezing each other on the benches. 

The game takes too long of time as Saerom brings out her favourite treasure of her life, a drawing pad. "Are you going to draw again?!" Sana interrupts just when she is about to grab her drawing pencil. "Come on, enjoy this game, Saerom ah!"

"I am. By drawing this. You go on." With that, both friends look at the different direction, one is to cheer, and the other one is to draw.




hi guys! this is my first fanfic featuring kangdaniel from wannaone! yes, imma wannable hehe. im really new in writing plus english is not my native language so if theres some grammar mistakes or anything, im truly sorry!


edit: guys! ive drafted this fanfic just to make some edits. i decided to delete all my old chapters and starts with a new one. nothing is wrong, its just that i thought the old storyline was a bit messy so i wanted to write a better one :)

hope the new one will satisfy you and im sorry for the changes :(


i will try my best to write good chapters each so you guys will love it! <3


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