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themagicrealm - your graphics are ready please remember to comment and credit .

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Hello! I just wanted to say that I accidentally put in a request without realizing that you're closed! Its completely fine to ignore it ^^ Thank you so much, sorry for the confusion
Chapter 21: Thank you so much! I like the poster <3
Chapter 19: Thank you so much :) it turned out great!
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Chapter 16: Thank you so much for the great chapter banner and poster!! I love them!!
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I have submitted an application
But I just saw that you are closed. Does that mean it will not get created?
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 15: aight thank you so much! love it and picking up :)
SnowWhite_Queen #8
Do you know when you'll be hiring designers? Is be happy to apply but please in for me when you do please ^-^
Chapter 14: Thank you so much for the poster! I love itt!! ^_^ ♥
I've requested :) Thank you already!