Drabbles of "A Love So Beautiful"

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Drabbles (short stories) related to the 2017 Chinese drama, A Love So Beautiful.


The latest drama to capture my heart is "A Love So Beautiful", from China, starring Hu Yi Tian and Shen Yue (who will also be starring in the upcoming remake of "Meteor Garden").

When I'm having trouble letting go of a drama, my mind starts wandering, and this time they wandered long enough for me to write some short fics (drabbles).  I've decided to compile those drabbles into one post here.  I hope you'll give them a try, and if you like them, give the drama a try (if you haven't already).  It's cute and sweet, with a loveable group of friends, and an even more loveable OTP.  What could be a better combination than that, right?!


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just finished the series last night and i never had this drama withdrawals for years!!! thank youuuuuu!
missymachi #2
Chapter 10: good lorrrrd! here i thought i was the only one who can't let go of this couple! thank you for writing their characters on point and for the beautiful drabbles. i do wish to read some more. but i leave that to your imagination and availability :)
angnikiforov #3
Chapter 1: I'm so happy that you wrote this! This drama needs more fics because I'm obsessed with it.
thanksgiving11 #4
i love this drama
JCLove #5
Chapter 1: this is so 可爱!!♥♥♥♥♥ i miss them so much :-(
Chapter 1: Omgggg i just saw this and the 1st chapter is really cuuuute!! Thank you for providing this for thosw suffering drama withdrawal hahaha
WriterFreak001 #7
Chapter 4: Cute! Just wondering, is Jing Jing supposed to be Lin Jingxiao?
MoiChanKawaiiDesu #8
Chapter 2: Reading this chapter about jiangchen's mother gave me mixed feelings. She doesn't really have an important influence with their relationship in the drama, but she was quite against Xiaoxi in the real novel. (Spoiler) OMG i csnt help but remember her character tho
Chapter 11: Auuwww ive just read the entire chapters in one sitting...can you do one more please????the part where Jiang Chen kissed her the first time when she was drunk and he told her to call him when she remembered...that's the only part which didn't sit well with me coz they never showed Xiao Xi called him nor remember about the drunken kiss...huuhuhu...

And also, have you watched Our Times? Its like OMGGGGG ....and the cameo of the ever handsome Jerry Yen at the end is soooooo making my heart and head exploded hahahaha
I found this by accident...I actually just finished watching it coz it was in Netflix thinking that I better watch it to kill my boredom..little that I know, its a beauuuuuuuuutiful love story indeed...argkhhhh....I am still suffering from the drama...I don't want it to endd...argkhhh..