Does He Love Me Not?

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He always had his way to get me out of trouble. His ways included skipping his own basketball training, ganged up his friends to kidnap me, telling sweet liars for me to realize that it was a false hope, threatened me to say no to my one and only crush, stealing my Secret Victoria's limited edition underwear on my birthday, stupidly taking all the blames for himself to handle and the list went on. All those ways were kinda unique and too hard to handle I must say. 

He was my best friend since then till forever, my so-called knight in shining armor, my best partner in crime and my boyfriend as his part time job (trust me I never agreed on this).  

He was no other than Kai. The hottest yet the stupidestest (excuse my grammar because he deserved it) guy I've ever known. While me? Just one of those rotten potatoes alive named Oh Sera. 

 I just don't get it. I was sure that I love him so dearly. Heck, I love him more than my limited edition underwear if you asked me. 

But please tell me why I kept on asking myself, does he love me not




"I never thought you said this Kai. It's so unlike you. That's why I said no." - Oh Sera 

"You'll never say no to me princess. Should I remind you again that it's you who ruined your parent's anniversary by wearing your mom's dress for your date? Don't say you're just borrowing it because it ain't work like that in my perception." - Kim Jong In 

However, they said the bad idea which came from your best friend was the sweetest thing ever. 

. . . 

Author's note : Hello everyone! If you're searching for a friendship ff I hope you don't mind to give this story a chance. I don't own any of the casts and this story plot is purely my idea - inspired by some fanfics and manga I've read. Because I'm that desperate to have a best friend like Kai lol ? In fact, I do have one but this is my favourite story line. So, if by any chance you are interested, please subscribe, comment to boost my writing energy and maybe upvote (?) 

Besides, I wish someone could give me a helping hand for my poster. Do DM me when you are willing to. 

Oh, and please bear with my english. Not a native speaker. 



I hope you will enjoy this as much as my previous story which I'm trying harder to complete it. Much love from me.


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