I Don't Feel Like Going Home Now...


Bae-joohyun finds out she's going to be all alone for Christmas. Until a certain Kang Seul-gi decides that no one should spend the holidays all by themselves...

This is an advent calendar! Come back each day for a new update!

// Seulrene pure fluff //


Hi! I hope you will enjoy my first ever Seulrene advent calendar.

Please give constructive criticism to help me out in the future!

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cjmoo_ 208 streak #1
Chapter 7: Hmm I'm sure they'll find out one way or another~
I find the pace of the story a little slow, but I guess it's okay since you explore quite a lot in every chapter.
cjmoo_ 208 streak #2
Chapter 1: 'The pizza arrived with a few kind jokes about how they wouldn't kill him and keep his shirt for a trophy' - ahaha
100 streak 1 points #3
Chapter 7: Man, Seulgi must feel terrible
lolwhatup 1 points #4
Chapter 7: damn irene getting harsher on seulgi... hope irene would find some company during her stay for christmas, it’s sad to be alone in christmas unless you’re used to it :((
1 points #5
Chapter 6: Even if it's no longer Christmas, solution 3 is best.
jasonds 17 streak #6
Chapter 6: solution 3 please
Chapter 6: Solution 3
100 streak #8
Chapter 6: Solution three, just so it's not unfinished.
Wiertarka #9
Chapter 6: I would like 3
100 streak 1 points #10
Chapter 5: I can't believe you thought about killing Wendy you monster