Where I Cannot Follow





I try hard to keep you
But you scatter through the world



This was a writing exercise I did basically to...test myself. LOL. Actually it's also because of the proliferation of news on North Korea and the possibility that it may attack. I don't know how long or short it will be, but it will be sad, definitely. Sorry in advance. 

Also, I claim no true knowledge of military protocol or any insider information on whether or not NK really will let loose some big ones. These are all figments of my imagination.

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Chapter 8: one word to describe this story. AWESOME!!!! i am not really much a fun of war stories and dying people in the story but this one got me and you really have to be responsible for making me cry by killing them T____T just like every other comments the emotions were there like i was watching this in a movie and with that you are truly remarkable writer i cant wait to read more works from you. thank you for sharing this!
I had so many emotions while reading this that I had to wait, process them then come back to comment.

Shinhwa, known by many names, including band of Brothers.....
I can see it going like this. It broke my heart, made me cry, laugh occasionally but overall I was a little broken by the time I finished the story. Not in a bad way, but more cathartic. I was able to let out sadness I've had locked away for awhile.
Thank you for tackling such a difficult situation and making it so realistic, even when it was dirty and depressing.
cjmoo_ 236 streak #3
Chapter 8: Amazing story. Raw emotions from the war could be felt. This is a tale of friendship and faith above everything else, and at the end I like how you give hope to us. It has definitely been a tough ride reading this. I like how realistic your story is (yep someone's gotta die) but it's interesting to see their lives after war. Thank you for this.
cjmoo_ 236 streak #4
Chapter 2: Those words Eric wrote on Shinhwa's account... I cannot...
cjmoo_ 236 streak #5
Chapter 1: Wow, this is intense! I like how as it gets nearer to the declaration of war the paragraphs mostly get shorter, really amplifies the intensity of the situation.
Ocha_amel #6
Chapter 8: Hope you write eric pov.
And don’t make wannie die.
Your story was great.
Chapter 8: the last part - "hyung", triggered hope.
thank you for this wonderful story!
porcelainz #8
Chapter 7: I almost cry when minwoo decides to be a stubborn bastard :')
Chapter 6: : looking forward to your next upload, Wunderbar ...
SeoHwi #10
Chapter 5: Oh god...the only situation the military will discharge a soldier is one in which the soldier is no longer able to fight, and that would mean Minwoo is seriously hurt. Lost a limb maybe...? Would he be unable to dance anymore or something like that? ㅠㅠ Chapter as good as always, and waiting for your next upload!