searching for a roleplay partner interested in roleplaying b.a.p members!


b.a.p roleplay partner!




hello! b.a.p is my favorite kpop group and these days it is very difficult to find decent sized roleplays with b.a.p members, let alone any that could be possible partners. and that's why i'm here! i've been craving a roleplay partner that would indulge me in the following pairings:

daejae (where i am youngjae)

younglo (where i am youngjae)

bangjae (where i am youngjae)

daelo (where i am daehyun)

banglo (where i am zelo)

i am searching for a dominant roleplay partner that would want to be a part any of the above pairings. 


i prefer a semi-literate or literate style. i usually work with long action replies, but i can mirror your style and write paragraphs as well. we can plot or we can just go with the flow and see where it leads us. i'm very affectionate so lots of kisses and cuddles, and of course, is welcome, but not entirely plots or pwp. i'm looking for someone i can just talk to on a regular basis and maybe rabbit with sometimes, so plotting and very long replies aren't always necessary. i am definitely up for plotting some aus if you're interested in that. and talking ooc is perfectly fine too! i would love to make some friends and i am always happy to listen.


my faceclaims tend to be sassy and playful and childish at times; a bit shy at first when it comes to being intimate; love to tease their partners but will always make it up with affection! 


my timezone is gmt -5 and i am generally free in the evenings. i will be around randomly throughout the day during my breaks.


platforms: preferably facebook, discord or kik, possibly line or kkt. if you prefer any other platform, please let me know! i'm up for trying new things.


if anyone is interested or has any questions, please comment below or send me a pm!


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