it's the dose that makes the poison


According to Kang Seulgi, phone call duty at the Myung Se Hospital's toxicology department was the most tedious task she had to do until one day Bae Irene calls, sobbing and out of breath. Doctor/ Parent AU. (This is a fluff fic, I swear)


Despite the angsty title, this short fic is pure fluff! I'm sorry for being deceptive heh heh. This is actually the doctor/parent seulrene au I've been blabbering about in my feed. Please give it a read if you're interested (and if you're up for a little seulrene/wenjoy/ red velvet family au too) once the first chapter is posted!

even if wenjoy are being kinda tragic in this fic at least they're thriving in LUPS2...

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gleek1502 #1
Chapter 4: Aww whatt this fic is so cuteeeee. I loveee this, thank you author-nim0
cjmoo_ 238 streak #2
Chapter 4: Wenjoyyy ;_;
Thank you for this story!! :))
cjmoo_ 238 streak #3
Chapter 3: Oh my, this ending! That last three paragraphs!!
Chapter 4: Seulgi wont bring chicken to hyun's house right???
Chapter 4: A blessing was given to us. Wenjoyyyy so fluffyyy i wanna dieeeee. Thank you so much for the bonus chap. You worked hard, good job jjang!
Chapter 4: #bless this intellectual story with wenjoy
Kpop_fan21 #7
Chapter 4: Wenjoy~ one of my fav ship is being a little tragic.
Chapter 4: Wow Wenjoy, the tragic fools duo smh. This is so fluffy and cheesy and though and SEULGI IS BRINGING IRENE C H I C K E N LMFAO the irony I can't

Thanks for adding a bonus chapter~ this whole story is lovely (and have fun with school don't let it kick your :) )
Chapter 4: My wenjoy heart :((((( its so soft :(((
Chapter 4: Ahh Wenjoy, my heart is so soft for them. I knew they'd tease poor Seulgi (to be fair that really was a cheesy line).
Honestly please take your time and take care of yourself! Don't sweat it, we'll be here. Thank you for the update and good luck with school. :)