Chapter 1

Stigma of Sigma

It was an early dawn when her plane landed.

It had been a few months since her last arrival, but many years since she left to attend school in another country. Although she visited quite a handful of times for business meetings and whatnot, she hadn’t stayed longer to visit her family. Not even when her family asked her to visit for the holidays or special events (like her brother’s debut stage).

Phone calls and emails were the only modes of communication she had with her family – even then, they weren’t as frequent as they wished. She used to call her brother frequently, but the numbers of calls dwindled down immensely when she couldn’t find time in her hectic schedule to match with his. Despite the lack of communication between the two, her family kept her updated with his activities – not that they needed to do that because she could easily find out through internet whether she wanted to know or not.

After all, he and his group gained immense recognition internationally – more so in recent year – that it was difficult to avoid his news altogether. His group’s name headlined in the entertainment section, and she had seen their images on billboards when she visited Seoul for business at the beginning of the year. Everyone talked about them favorably.

She wasn’t bitter about his success. If anything, she was proud that he achieved his dream and the successful endeavors he gained through his hard work and dedication. Besides, some of the songs he and his group released were good that she ended up listening to it on repeat. Of course, she would deny any of this to the end if he or his group asked her.

More importantly, she couldn’t believe her mother told him that she was returning for a business trip, and asked him to let her stay at his dorm just because the two of them hadn’t seen each other for years. It surprised her that he agreed considering how dangerous it would be for him and his group if their fans saw her entering and exiting their dorm. A scandal could hurt their careers.

So, why did he agree?

That was what she wanted to know.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but feel that these upcoming two weeks would be interesting, to say the least.

Jungkook stared at the clock subtly whenever he could during fan meeting, counting down the minutes, and glanced at his cellphone during break in anticipation. It had been weeks since he spoke with his sister – last time, when he called her last time, she was in Netherlands.

Netherlands, of all places, and she wouldn’t tell him why she was there either – not even when he did his infamous innocent bunny eyes that his fans loved. The fact that she was so secretive only enhanced his curiosity, and he doesn’t want to think that she was eloping with someone there. No, he forbade such happenings – she’s still too young, and she couldn’t be dating.

He made a mental note to have a long discussion regarding this when she arrives later.

Aside from that, he wondered if she had seen his performances or concerts… more importantly, he wanted to know if she listened to their music. He wanted to know what she thought of him, and if she was proud of him and his accomplishments. She was strangely evasive about it during their phone calls… more so, when he questioned about herself.

“Jungkook-ie, are you that eager for this to end?”

He gave an awkward sheepish smile when he heard Jimin’s question, and rubbed the back of his neck while he pondered what to say. He told them about his sister, whom many of them were eager to meet – much to his dismay – so, he doesn’t know if he should let them know that she was coming today.

It wasn’t like he could hide her from them since she would be staying at their dorm; hence, he chose to go with the truth. “My sister is coming today. Soon, actually.”

“Oh, you mean the one you’re always talking about these days?” Jin asked in an understanding tone.

“You still haven’t shown us what she looks like.” Jimin pointed out.

“Why would I do that, hyung? I bet you’re going to flirt with her when you see how cute she is. And I can’t have that.” He replied firmly with his arms crossed.

“I still can’t believe you’ve hid your twin from the media.” Jin commented in a surprisingly calm tone as to not catch the fans’ attention. “You really don’t want anyone to know about her, huh?”

“Of course not. She doesn’t need that kind of attention from the media when she could be living a normal stress-free life.” Jungkook answered knowingly as he readjusted his glasses.

“So, what’s her name?” He heard Hoseok’s question from down the line.

He slightly leaned forward to look at the older male before he gave his answer, “Jungyoon-ie, and don’t even think about flirting with her. She’s mine.”

He gave a slight scowl when the rest of his group members simply laughed instead of looking intimated at his remark. Not that he would have minded much if one of them did end up dating his baby sister because he knew them well enough to approve them – of course, he wouldn’t tell any of them to boost their ego.

One staff member kindly reminded them to pay attention to the fan meeting. With a tongue in cheek and inwardly counting down the minutes whenever he saw the clock, Jungkook resumed interacting with the fans somewhat in distracted manner… not that his fans knew that because he was a good actor, if he says so himself.



Jungkook never felt happier when the fan meeting ended. As much as he loved meeting his fans, he was looking forward to reuniting with his baby sister (who would most likely disagree with that name, which he would disregard altogether). It had been all he thought about since he woke up that morning. After all, it had been months since he saw her face-to-face – facetiming does not count at all.

He quickly changed out of his stage outfit and into his casual street outfit, and then waited for the others while he looked at his cellphone. He sent her a message with his dorm’s address; however, he doesn’t know if she lost her way since she didn’t say anything, and it had been a while since her last visit.

Besides, he had a long conversation with the security at their dorm to let her in this morning. He didn’t want the security personnel to mistaken her with an obsessive fan. His Jungyoon-ie doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment at all, if he could help it.

“Look at our Jungkook-ie, being all giddy and excited to see his sister.” Jimin teased with a laugh.

“You look like you haven’t seen her in years.” Yoongi added with a smirk.

He looked up at the two older members’ teasing grins, and rebutted with a, “That’s because I haven’t seen her in months. Facetime doesn’t count.”

“Doesn’t she visit for holidays and such?” Namjoon inquired with a raised brow.

Jungkook turned to look at the leader of his group through the mirror, and answered, “No, she doesn’t. Somehow, she’s busier than I am, and always rejected visiting during holidays. Even when we’re busy, PD-nim always give us time off to visit our families during holidays.”

“That’s strange.” Hoseok commented while adjusting his hat. “Is she still in school?”

He opened his mouth to reply when he heard a security’s guard voice, “Hey! You can’t go in there!” from outside their dressing room.

He didn’t hear what that fan said, but he looked at other members and shared worried glances when they heard scuffle sounds. As much as he doesn’t like that some fans don’t abide by rules, he disliked that this security guard his company hired resorted to using physical force on her if those noises were any indication.

Jungkook knew none of them wanted that kind of image associated with their group's name. So, when the others got up, he quickly followed after Namjoon and the other members, and simply let them handle this situation.

“Hey! What’s going on here?”

He inwardly flinched when Namjoon bellowed out with a frown. He had never seen the older male that angry before, and to say it was frightening was an understatement.

“We don’t treat our fan in this barbaric way.” Yoongi added with his arms crossed.

“I’m telling you, I have the right to be here!”

He quickly made his way to the front of the group when he heard a familiar voice, and blinked in surprised upon seeing his baby sister manhandled by the security guard. He flinched when he saw her back hit against the wall, and looked at her worriedly upon hearing a pained groan escaped from .

“What did you do to her?” Jungkook demanded just as angrily while he quickly made his way to his twin. He helped her stand up and then asked quietly, “Are you okay, baby girl?”

“I’m fine, oppa.” She answered quietly, but didn’t say anything else as her gaze fixated on the security guard.

“N-nothing. I tried to stop her from going in, and accidentally flung her against the wall.”

“I understand that you’re just doing your job protecting these artists, but that’s not the way to treat their fans.” He suppressed a shiver from Jungyoon’s cold voice, and icy gaze. “You wouldn’t mind if I sue you for assaulting me, do you? I do have an ascendancy with video evidence, after all, and I am bound to win with such evidence in the court of law.”

He didn’t even bother to listen when the security guard stammered out various words of apologies while bowing to his sister. He watched as the man scurried away like a frightened mouse when Jungyoon dismissed him.

“Ah…” Jungyoon groaned disappointedly with a pout as she ran a hand through her long black hair. “I was planning to surprise you, but he ruined it.”

“Forget about the surprise. Are you sure you’re okay, Jungyoon-ie?” Jungkook asked worriedly as he looked at her up and down. “I can’t believe he flung you against the wall!”

“I think we need to speak to PD-nim about this.” Jin interjected with a disapproved frown. “We can’t allow them to treat our fans this way.”

“I think that may be the best for your fans.” His sister chimed in as she rubbed the injured spot. “A gambling addict on the verge of losing his family due to his debts. He’s so high-sprung that anything could set him off. That kind of person is dangerous to be around your fans, especially the younger ones.”

Jungkook looked at his sister in astonishment, and voiced the question he was positive everyone wanted to know, “How do you know that?”

“Hmm… how indeed?” A mysterious appeared on her lips, but she didn’t bother to clarify her response. Instead, she looked over to the rest of the members and introduced herself. “I’m Jeon Jungyoon. Nice to meet you, and thank you for putting up with my troublesome brother.”

“Hey! You can’t go around saying that to your older brother.”

He twitched a brow when he saw her eye rolled, and a scoff with a, “Oh please, we’re born on the same day.”

“I was born two minutes before you. That’s 120 seconds, in case you didn’t know.”

Instead of giving in to this discussion like a good younger sibling, she scoffed yet again, and retaliated with a, "Oh, but that means you gave mom trouble for the whole 120 seconds. It also means that you agree that you're troublesome then. It's good that you acknowledge it. I must applaud you for your courage for that."

"Jungyoon-ie, we both know that I’m not troublesome at all. Ask everyone." Jungkook rebutted with a huff, but a small smile etched on his face revealed that he enjoyed bickering with his sister again. He didn't mind letting her win just this once. “Anyways, I’ll introduce you to them. But. But! You can’t fall for them, understand?”

He let out a twitch when his twin rolled her eyes like a rebellious teenager, and uttered, “You’ve watched one too many dramas, Jungkook. It’s disgusting to see you act like an overprotective big brother. You should leave that to our elder brother.”

“Yeah, Jungkook-ie, it doesn’t suit you at all.” Hoseok interjected cheekily with a grin.

“Kindly shut up, hyung.” He retaliated and promptly ignored the older male’s dramatic reaction (gaping mouth and hands over heart).

Jungyoon cleared quietly to capture everyone’s attention onto her, and stated, “There’s no need for introductions. I already know who you are.”



“So, how did you know that we’re at a fan meeting?” Jungkook questioned his sister sitting on his left.

He refused to let anyone – not even his hyungs – sit next to her, so she got the window seat in the middle row while the others figure where to sit. It wasn’t his problem, really. In the end, Jin pulled the seniority card and ended up sitting in the passenger seat while Namjoon sat next to him. It was mildly awkward, if he had to say so himself… not that he would admit it out loud.

He felt somewhat bad that Yoongi, Taehyung, Jimin, and Hoseok ended up cramped in the backseat, but there wasn’t anything he could do. Well, he could have his sister sit on his lap, but he doubted she would like that.

“Internet, duh.” Jungyoon answered flatly whilst her attention focused on her cellphone.

“I thought the tickets were sold out already.” Hoseok commented curiously.

“Hmm, they are.”

Various exclaims of confusion echoed in the van until Taehyung voiced the question everyone wanted to know, “How did you get in then?”

“Don’t tell me you hacked into the system.” Yoongi commented semi-seriously in a joking manner.

“I won’t say anything then.” Jungyoon responded with a smirk on her face.

That smirk grew slightly bigger and she had the audacity to laugh when everyone exclaimed various words of surprise, especially when Hoseok sputtered out, “Seriously?”

“I won’t say anything. I assure you it’s not anything illegal.” She repeated with a snicker.

“So, what do you think of the fan meeting?” Namjoon questioned conversationally.

Jungkook noticed that everyone perked up at the inquiry even though they pretended (and failed epically) to look as if it disinterested them. He, too, wanted to know what Jungyoon thought of them and the music they produced. Her opinion mattered to him.

“Your status is definitely at international playboy.” She answered with a chuckle, and flicked her gaze over his. “Nevertheless, it was fun – it was my first time going to an event like that, so I’m glad it was a positive one. I’m sure your fans liked that you took time to interact with them on one-on-one basis.”

“Do you have a bias amongst us?” Hoseok asked with a sly grin. “You must’ve found one, right?”

“Please, we all know that it’s me.” Jungkook interjected with a bunny smile. “I am the golden maknae.”

“Oh, please. Please have a humble pie and get off your high horse.” Jungyoon grumbled in a semi-disgusted tone. The mirth and mischievous grin on her lips showed that she was just teasing him. He wouldn’t know what to do if she thought otherwise. He wasn't egoistic at all, really.  

“So, who is it?” Jin prompted from the passenger seat. “It’s me, isn’t it? I am worldwide handsome, after all.”

He watched in amusement when his sister groaned at the oldest hyung’s remark, and said, “Can I just not choose? I feel like it’d be unfair to the rest.”

“They’re not babies. They can handle it.”

Jungkook let a twitch when he heard that comment from their manager. Even if he knew that, he wanted his baby sister to choose him as her favorite. Heck, he could tell with a glance that his hyungs wanted her to choose them even if they pretended to look like they didn't care.

He blinked in confusion when he heard noises of cellphone vibration. He looked around to find the source until he realized that it was from his sister’s cellphone.

He had a difficult time following the conversation since it was in Japanese. He was fluent in the language, thanks to Jungyoon, but he wasn’t well-versed in it with difficult terminologies and jargon. He knew it was the same with the other members.

“Is that so? It isn’t normal occurrence to have the media inside, but I’m not worried about it at all.” She responded calmly, responding in Korean once more. “If the Defense believes that we would lose like this then, we'll just have to showcase our abilities. It doesn’t matter what they decide to do, this is just another day at work for us.”

Jungkook looked over to the other members in confusion, inwardly mulling over what his sister said. He couldn’t figure out what she meant – was she talking about a sports team of some sort? Yet, when he looked over to consider the serious gleam in her expression and posture, he felt that she wasn’t talking about being in a sports team at all.

“Hey, it’s not our fault they want to extradite him back here. They agreed to our terms when we handed him over – which meant, they agreed to try him by our laws and methodologies. It doesn’t matter what goes on inside tomorrow. Remember who we are representing, and let’s win this tomorrow.”

He waited for her to finish with her call to finally ask her, “What was that about? And don’t say it’s nothing because we all know it’s something.”

“I’m not here on vacation, but I think you already know that when I told you I was coming.” Jungyoon replied with a knowing glint in her eyes.

“Uh-huh, keep going.”

“Let’s just I’m making a court appearance tomorrow, and it’ll be live for everyone to see.” She sighed as she ran a hand through her hair.

“Don’t tell me you got in trouble with the law, and you’re going to jail.” Jungkook openly gaped at his sister, who just laughed at him in response.

“Just the opposite, really.”

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Chapter 12: Oh my god, oh my god! This is awesome! I rarely enjoy a scifi fanfic since they usually lack of detail. But this is greaaaaat. Oh and i love that yiu choose the sibling relationship as a focus instead of romatic one. Good job author!
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Chapter 12: This story is inspired me.. Its a good story.. I love IT
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Chapter 11: No offense at all to the characters in Stigma of Sigma, but to me, it was not the most shocking occurrence in the book for Jungyoon to be dying soon. In all honesty, I expected it to actually happen sooner than the age of 27. Maybe it's just me and how "dark" (lmao) my brain is. Hopefully, I'm just wrong and the prototype works against Savant Syndrome because wouldn't want for the protagonist (?) to die so soon, am I right? So far, I've enjoyed many aspects of Stigma of Sigma, and I'm really hoping that there will be more plot twists (just gotta love unexpected situations). Keep up the good work and sorry for the rant like comment :)!
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