Love of My life

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When two of the biggest Kpop idols fall in love , will their love beat all of the obstacles or will there be some trouble along the way. Yuri and Khun were the only ones that were single.Mostly Khunri.


Nichkhun will soon fall for Yuri.

Taecyeon and Yoona were already a couple and married

Wooyoung and TaeYeon were already a couple and married

Chansung and  Sooyoung were already a couple and married

Seohyun and Yonghwa were already a couple and married

Tiffany and Junsu were already a couple and married

Hyoyeon and Junho were already a couple and married

Sunny and Sungmin were already a couple and married 

Jay and Jessica were already a couple and married











Memeber of 2pm, known as the Thai prince. Very romantic, understanding,funny, and kindhearted.


Member of the biggest girl group Girls Generation. Known as the black pearl. She is funny, y, cute, and kind. She is known for her s-line body.




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Chapter 30: This is actually a good chapter, Khun and yuri are good parents after all. Please update authornim thank you :)
Chapter 26: Oh I can’t imagine that khun is so sweet. It’s funny how he managed to make it special when the doctor send the green light to him. Please update authornim :)
Chapter 26: Thank you guys
Chapter 25: I love how all the characters come together. It makes it a good story for all the khunri shippers out there. This story is gonna be fun to read. Please update authornim, I can’t wait to read furthermore. Thank you :)
garodin #6
Chapter 1: interestinf fics
Do you guys like the story so far?
minhoyyuri24 #8
Chapter 12: Please update!❤️❤️❤️
Comment please
jesc09 #10
I came here for YongSeo, but there was no mention of them at all in all 5 chapters. Neither was there a mention of the other pairings tagged except for Khunri and tarcyoon. The tags are just baits for clicks. Disappointing