The War Goddess

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A girl with a name of a greek goddess needed to make two choices. 

Two choices that involved her with 12 princes.


She was normal, an average peasant girl who knew how to fight, kill, being really good at talking back and other not that important things. She lived a peaceful life, living with her own bidding with her two siblings. But that was soon to go down the drain when twelve princes from her kingdom thought it would be fun to mess with someone like her. 

Of course, it was fun, just not for them. 

Hope you guys like Romance and a lot of angst because there is going to be a whole lot of that. 

Cover was beautifully made by strwbrrymeru123

PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE (I recommend you not to...) 


Please comment, upvote, subscribe, and love this story! But I advise you not to read the comments, there is a lot of spoilers haha. This will be very long, around 50-70? Somewhat like that, so hope you guys like long stories but sort of short chapters! Each chapter only has around 1000 to 2000 words. Give me your feedback on if you like the story if you don't like it, and some ideas on what would be good to add-on, I'm creative but I'm still pretty young to get a lot of ideas, haha.

This story will be taking place when castles, princes, and princesses were a thing, lol. Hope you enjoy this new series of mine and I'll see you in the first chapter!

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71 streak #1
Chapter 50: I eonder what will happened in their honehmoon and after their honeymoon.
Chapter 49: Poor Channie, I can’t wait for his turn, I’m gonna be crying tears of joy :’)
71 streak #3
Chapter 49: Poor athena pleaseeee someone help her. I wish the she cried on was one of the prince she hadnt bond with. Or even better chanyeol
Chapter 49: I am crying right now omg
Chapter 48: I can't wait Maddie! But I am still confused about the whole Baekhyun thing. I am not going to lie to you. I did cry when I read that Baek got hit. I was literally, screaming internally and crying quietly. It was in the middle of class too! When I got home though I ranted to my dad and he looked at me like I was crazy the whole time. Lmao, oh well I guess. I can't wait for the next chapters!!!
Alosya #7
Chapter 48: Heheheeehehehehhehwhwhehhehehehehehehehhehehehehhehehehahahahahahahahahaahahaheehheheehhehehehehehhehehwh i have gone insane hahahahahhahaahhahahahaha cant wait for that
Angelabelle #8
Chapter 48: Boys are going to be jealous of Luhan
71 streak #9
Chapter 48: I cant wait for it maddie^^ i hope it has romance and fluff at the same time. I want the kiss on the nose on his lips and their full of love because chanyeol deserves it and he was crying. Even though she is luhan's wife she will be chanyeol's wife too its just a matter of time.
71 streak #10
Chapter 47: If the poll really happened im excited for it but im happy for beakhyun someone will love him trully love him. They kiss their first kiss together. So thats what happened when her scars are showing again. She will die in pain